Woodloch At Home: Minit-2-Winit!

We all sort of wish things were going a little differently right now.

It’s just starting to get warm outside, summer is just over the horizon and all of us are anxious for a break. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with something our generation hasn’t quite faced. While we are confident that brighter days are on the horizon, many of us are home, maybe a little anxious or bored and looking for things to do.

We suggest you do your best to take this time and enjoy it with FAMILY.

At Woodloch, we always have a plan to have the show go on, and this is no exception! We are working very hard to bring Woodloch to your home, regardless of our circumstances.


It’s one of our favorite “back pocket” games, perfect for when our resort has an unexpected rain day. The good news is that you don’t have to be a world-champion athlete to compete- half of these games rely heavily just on skill. And better yet- they almost all involve supplies that you already have laying around the house!

Put yourself together a little gauntlet of challenges (that require very little space). And, like Woodloch, award points on how teams finish cumulatively across all events. Bring your Woodloch medals out of the trophy case and repurpose them for your own personal IN-IT-TO-WIN-IT! (Play a little bit of Van Halen and you’ll even keep Joey there in spirit)

WATER BOTTLE TOSS – start with a half-full bottle of water. The object of the game is simple- flip the bottle and try to get it to land standing up. It looks easy, but really isn’t! See how many times you are able to do it in 2 minutes solo, or go head-to-head versus a friend.

QUARTER ROLL – gather up all the loose change you can find, preferably quarters for ease! At one end of a table or counter, set up forks “face up.” At the other end, have contestants roll quarters from one end to the other in hopes that quarters will land between the prongs! One point per quarter, try to outscore your opponents! 1 -2 minute time limit works best.

THE SKITTLE LABYRINTH – find yourself a few straws and a bag of Skittles / M&M’s / Reese’s Pieces or Smarties. Using just suction from the straw, pick up one of the candies and try to navigate a little maze put together in your living room or yard- around the coffee table, through the kitchen, down the stairs etc. You’ll score a point for every candy that makes its way into a cup or bowl at the other end- drop the candy and you lose your turn. Score it either as a head-to-head race or get as many reps in 2 minutes as possible!

STICKY NOSE – you might get a little messy here! Put just a dab of petroleum jelly on your nose and pick up a cottonball on one side of the room. Try to get all the way to the other end of your corridor / dining / living room and shake off the cotton ball into a bowl. See how many reps you can get in over 2 minutes!


BATTERY BALANCE – find a yardstick and a couple of heavy batteries (we recommend 9 volts or D’s for balancing purpose. Have your competitors go down a hallway / driveway from one point to another while keeping the batteries balanced on the end of the yard stick. Drop the battery, and you’re forced back to the starting line! Best time wins the points!

FIZZY PLOP DRINK – you know what happens when you mix Mentos and Diet Soda? BOOM. Find a stairwell, or deck- somewhere you can reach over and drop a Mento. Aim for an open can of cola below- just make sure you have the mess under control. A big bucket should contain the eruption under control. Play for 2 minutes to see how many pops you get, or race against a friend.

EGG PONG – Locate an egg carton container or two, as well as a few ping pong / super balls. As the name dictates, the object of the game is to bounce the ball from one end of the table to the other. Land in the carton, and you’ll score points. Spice it up by coloring different spots with a marker and making them “bonus double / triple” zones. Play for two minutes or head to head.

PAPER FOOTBALL FRENZY – We’ve been training for this moment since we were little kids at recess- now’s the time to showcase your skill! Fold up a few of these bad boys, find a table or counter, and either craft a mini goal post or go old school with a friend playing the roll. See how many field goals you can kick within the time limit!