Woodloch At Home: Olympics

We love our Olympic games so much that we thought we’d share an easy “at home” version of the game that’s great for all ages! Using common household items and setting aside just a little time to build some “props,” you too can host your own version of the iconic games! 

Paper Plate Memory
Items Needed

  • 9 – 16 paper plates (the more plates, the more challenging a game)
  • Laundry Basket

Rules: Take your paper plates and pair them off. Take your first pair and on the front (side you would put food on) draw an identical picture on each one. If you
lack artistic ability, use shapes and colors instead of drawings. Lay out your plates, drawing side down, in an even array (3×3, 4×4, etc) and make sure you mix up the pairs well. Turn based game to see who can get more matches. If you want to make it more fast paced, start players a short distance away and make them go
back before they can make another attempt.

Laundry Basket Skeeball
Items needed

  • Laundry Basket
  • Tape
  • Ball (any size)
  • Cardboard Box

Open box until it is flat. Use this to construct a ramp. You can use a second box, chair, or toy to elevate ramp. Set up a few feet away from your ramp. If you have a second laundry basket, you can set it up as well, farther from the ramp for more points. Set up so that you are a few feet away from your makeshift ramp. Roll ball up the ramp and attempt to land it in laundry basket.

Paper Plate Ring Toss
Items Needed

  • Paper Towel Tube
  • Tape
  • Paper Plates

Cut the middle of the plate out with a pair of scissors so that you are now left with a ring (you can color plates before you cut them if you want to have different color rings). Tape paper towel tube to the floor. You could also tape it to an empty tissue box. If you want, you could also use a toilet paper tube and make that worth more points.

Rules: Tape paper towel tube to the floor and step back a few feet. Use paper plate rings to try to get a “ringer”. Points could also be awarded for hitting the “pin”.

Baby Bottle Bowling
Items Needed

  • 3 – 6 Baby Bottles / Water Bottles
  • Any size ball
  • Masking Tape (not required but helpful! Used to mark pin placeholders)

Rules: Set up baby bottles about the same distance apart as the width of whatever ball you are using. Once set, use tape to mark where the pins are on the
floor, for consistency. Give one point per pin knocked over. Give bonus points for strikes and spares. Do as a relay for time or a set number of frames.

Construction Paper Croquet
Items Needed

  • Ball
  • Tape
  • Broomstick (optional)
  • Construction paper (cut in half- will be taped to the floor and used as tunnels for the croquet ball)

Rules: There are two ways to set this game. One way is you make an “obstacle course” of tunnels through where you must shoot your ball. You can use a
broomstick, a soda bottle, or even your lungs to blow the ball through the course. The object of the game is to get back to the start, using the least amount of
strokes. The other way is by setting up 3 or 4 tunnels different lengths apart. Standing behind a starting line or marker, use the broomstick, empty soda bottler, or breath to try and shoot the ball through the tunnel. The farther the tunnel, the more points.