Woodloch “By the Numbers”

Woodloch is a busy place all year round! We dug around and found a couple of really great statistics to share with you- we hope you enjoy them!

  • Every year, we welcome about 80,000 guests through our lobby doors
  • Woodloch has 231 accommodations to stay in. That is equivalent to just about 938 beds and rollaways for our guests to get a good night’s sleep (which they will need!)
  • In Woodloch’s ever-growing catalog of things to do, we feature 187 (and counting) games, contests, and activities. That’s a lot to choose from when creating our daily activity sheet!
  • Summertime is our busiest season, and it requires a lot of help. During our busiest periods, more than 1300 employees work at Woodloch in front and behind the scenes… that’s just about a 1 to 1 guest/staff ratio!
  • Woodloch set up shop on Lake Teedyuskung in 1958. It’s a natural spring-fed lake that is about 3 miles around and is 30 feet at its deepest end!
  • We’ve been enjoying waterskiing on our lake since the early days- our best skiers shred the wakes at about 35 miles per hour!
  • Woodloch is a big place- over 135 acres at our main property. Thankfully, we have shuttle buses to help you get around- every year, they take approximately 18,571 laps around our resort, bringing guests from point A to B!
  • We are BIG on breakfast here! We roll over 55,000 of our famous “Scandinavian Pancakes” here every year (what can we say, our guests work up quite the appetite).
  • Speaking of which, more than 1,500 crumb cakes are sold to guests at our Country Store every year to share with friends back home (or… maybe not).
  • One of Woodloch’s most popular desserts at dinnertime is our famous “Mud Pie.” It includes coffee ice cream, chocolate graham crust, fudge and whipped cream topping. We serve just about 36,000 slices of it each year!
  • New Year’s Eve is Woodloch’s busiest package in our calendar year. We pop open over 250 bottles of champagne as we count down the New Year!
  • For several decades, Woodloch had a very limited marketing department- we counted on “word of mouth” advertising from our guests (and it worked well for quite some time!) Fast forward to 2020, we now have over 5 million web page visits every year!