Woodloch Class Trips: TEAM BUILDING!

~ shared by J. Ranner

It seems like just yesterday, kids all across the country (or more truthfully, pretty much all of us) were eagerly counting down the last days of school so we could enjoy the warm, sunny and glorious days of summer vacation. Months of carefree days were at our disposal, and September seemed to be lightyears away.

Oh, how naive we all were. 

The nights are just a little bit shorter and cooler, and the start of an all-new school year is looming closer and closer. While it’s sad to say goodbye to yet another wonderful summer, as F. Scott Fitzgerald once said,  “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” New experiences, friends and opportunities are on the way, and it is to be celebrated!

One of my fondest memories growing up were class trips. That rare occasion when comrades were sprung from the daily school grind and brought to various locations. It can be said that these special days, these awesome class trips, were instrumental in helping all of us grow! Whether we took a quick trip down the road to our local courthouse, spent the day at Hersheypark, or even an entire week in Florida, we all returned from our trips a different person than we departed as.

Class trips, whether they are offered in the beginning of the year as a bonding experience or at the end of an academic year as a reward, will become important memories to kids! Whether your objective is learning or just unwinding and having a great time, Woodloch has all sorts of options to achieve your goal- here are just a few!


Bring the team together through the power of play! Whether everyone is just getting to know each other or celebrating the end of a school year, there are plenty of smiles in store for your group with our famous Olympic Games!

Groups of 10 or so players will tackle relay-style events in hopes of claiming the coveted Woodloch Gold Medal! And best of all? You can catch them in the summer sun and the winter snow!


“The game is afoot, dear Watson!”

Channel your inner Sherlock with a series of challenges that will put your mind and body into overdrive with our popular Scavenger Hunt!
Treasure troves of gold medals await those fast and witty enough to vanquish our monster list- you might even have to get creative for some items! An avalanche of puzzles and bonus challenges will net you even more points- are you up to task?

A trip to Woodloch leads to friendly competition


It’s time for all of those hours of math and science homework to pay their dividends!

Using basic supplies like cardboard, bed sheets and tape, it’s up to your crew to use communication to create a seaworthy vessel before time expires in our intense Boat Build event! Select a skipper from among the ranks to pilot your ship to victory against rival ship yards! Return to the shore (semi)-intact and claim your glory!


It feels good to do good, so why not take the opportunity to help while having a blast? Consider our “Com-PET-ition” event for your group’s opportunity to help furry friends!

Through a series of timed challenges, your team’s task is to build critter relief packages to be donated to our local animal shelter. You win the prizes, learn a valuable lesson on social responsibility, and all of the animals will be sincerely grateful for your efforts!