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“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”

-Hubert H. Humphrey


I was listening to one of my favorite Grateful Dead tunes the other day, and one of the lyrics just keeps resonating in my mind:


“Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places, if you look at it right…”

It’s been over a week since Woodloch was bombarded with record-breaking rainfall that led to severe flash flooding and, consequently, damage to our indoor pool facilities and 20 guests accommodations.  Yet as the old adage goes… “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” 


In immediate response to the flooding, firefighters arrived on the scene to help pump thousands of gallons of water out of the building.  And from that point on, considering the circumstances, things were cleared out at blurring speed. 


Day in and day out, relief workers worked hand in hand with Woodloch staff to start the long road to rebuilding.  Piece by piece, remnants of what was our ground level of the Springbrook complex were scrapped. Industrial fans have been drying out the ground 24 hours a day while giant pieces of wall are removed.


While many of us are pained to see this happening, I can’t help but notice the new blank canvas that has presented itself.  When all is said and done, things will not only be back to “The Woodloch Standard” that we’ve all become accustomed with over the years but will exceed them.  


But perhaps most heartwarming of all throughout the darkness was the response from our guests.  We honestly lost count of all the phone calls received- a good portion of them from guests that were concerned not with the availability of the pool, but with the genuine well-being of everyone involved in the disaster.  Even if vacation time was far off on the horizon, we genuinely felt the love pour in from all directions. 

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We will continue to clean and rebuild at full-throttle speed, and hope to have our sports complex and adjoining rooms back in operation as soon as possible.

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