What’s NEW for Summer 2019 at Woodloch

~shared by J. Ranner

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”

One of the best things about residing in Pennsylvania is the fact that we are lucky enough to experience all of the seasons. And while we all have our preferences one way or the other, it cannot be denied that they all bring a little something special to the table. The crisp air of autumn brings a flurry of color to our Pocono canopy, the winds of winter blanket the landscape with the purest of white snow (perfect for some skiing), and springtime brings a sense of renewal to both our surroundings and even within ourselves.

But summertime? To me, there is simply nothing quite like it. The smell of barbecue and fresh cut grass. The sound of boats cruising the lake accompanied with the laughs of friends and family. The warmth of the sunshine and feeling a summer breeze at just the right moment to break up a hot day. Night time strolls complete with a trip to the ice cream stand.

To me, there’s no season quite like it. And as it’s always been, 61 years in the making, summers at Woodloch are something special. 2019 will be no exception!

With so many families and friends keeping Woodloch as their yearly summer travel tradition, it’s important for us to mix things up and keep them interesting! That’s why every year, our activities staff works very hard to ensure that guests, whether it is their first visit or 105th, are getting an experience that you simply aren’t going to find anywhere other than our resort.

With that in mind, we thought we would share just a few of the awesome events and activities that we have in store for you this summer!

  • The Summer Winter Olympics – We’ve always wondered how “cool” it would be to try a few of our classic Winter Olympic games out with our summertime crowd. Thanks to our all-new year-round skating rink, this is finally possible! Games like curling, broomball and more will make their way to our activities program this summer.
  • The “WoodRock” Field Games & Festival – 50 years ago, a pretty wildly awesome music festival happened just down the road from Woodloch at Bethel, NY- it’s time for the enthusiasm of those days to be reborn! Our summer Mondays will kick off with our “Woodstock Field Games,” celebrating the culture and spirit of the times with 6 all-new relay events at our athletic field. Monday nights heat up with our 1960’s themed carnival followed up with our “WoodRock” show, featuring bands like Nowhere Slow and 45 RPM, playing the music of that famous festival and more!
  • Back to the 90’s Lake Games – Time travel seems to be a recurring theme with us this summer! In support of our Broadway-style Theme Show, our “Back to the 90’s” lake games will headline Wednesday mornings throughout the summer. Celebrate the fads, fashions and vibe of the decade with teams of 10 -12 at the lakefront area.
  • New Miniature Golf Course – Tiger proved it just a few weeks ago- golf is back in a big way! We celebrate the time-honored game of golf this year by opening our all-new miniature golf course at our beach area. Be sure to practice for our medal-earning tournaments!
  • A Horror Walk fit for a “King” – Though beautiful by day, I have to say that at night, our woods can be pretty creepy. So that makes them a PERFECT spot for our new horror walk! Are you bold enough to brave the bramble?
  • “There is no ESCAPE..” – Did you have a new hope of a brand new escape room to try this summer? Well, you are in luck! Our puzzlemasters have all sorts of Jedi mind tricks in store for you as you attempt to spring yourself out of our Death Star…
  • Trivia Contests – when you need a break from the summer heat, cool off with brand new trivia games from our team! “Survey Says” is a fast-paced spinoff of Family Feud, “As Seen on TV” pays homage to great products and spokespeople, while “HeadRush” is a frustratingly fun brain-game that sends teams through six rounds of off-beat mini-games full of tricks and turns.
  • The Silent DJ Experience – Ever found yourself really wanting to get down and dance, but you just weren’t feeling the song? We’ve tripled your listening options with our all-new Silent DJ Dance party! With our special headphones, you can tune in and out to the music of three different DJ’s all night long!

Our staff is ready, and we hope you are too! Let’s make the last summer of this decade count big time! #Summer2019 #OnlyAtWoodloch