Woodloch Staff Profiles: Meet Adrian!

~shared by Abby Carmody

If you’ve ever visited or resort (or will in the future!), you will notice that the cast of characters in our staff is very important to our identity! While Woodloch employs well over a thousand employees during our busy season, we thought we’d share just one of their stories here today… meet Adrian! 

Adrian has been working at Woodloch for 6 years. Originally from Chicago he moved to the Pocono area because of his fiancé’s brother. “I arrived in October of 2011 and I was looking, looking, looking for a job.” said the animated Adrian. “ Why don’t you work at Woodloch?” says his Fiancé’s brother. And he was like “What is that!?” It was then that he connected with Woodloch. and got the job in the social department! “Just like that!”

The unique thing about Adrian is that he is an artist on many different levels. And also a complete jokester! He graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Over the years Adrian has been an actor/writer of many films, TV shows, and theatre performances. Stand-up comedy is another one of Adrian’s special skills; Improv Dot Biz and Club Funny are a few extracurricular comedy groups he is a part of. He performed with his Improv team at Woodloch, in the North Lodge during summer 2017. Boy where they funny!

Adrian is currently in the process of illustrating a comic book for a local writer (rough draft featured on this page). At Woodloch Adrian has been able to let his talents shine (literally)! Every blood, sweat and tear is put into the Festival of Lights murals and paintings. These projects are his favorite activity at Woodloch because he considers it his down time to think and express himself. He says he feels the pinch during the fall getting everything ready for hayrides and the light show. “But I wouldn’t want it any other way!”

You might also find some of his work at Lake Games or Double Dare – those elaborately decorated climb walls, ball pits or themed character cutouts were painted by yours truly. You might commonly find Mr. DiGiovanni at gym games, trivia games, the snow tube hill, horse racing, or on stage during
the staff show! Next time you’re at Woodloch give him a “Howdy” and a wave!

A few more fun facts about Adrian:

– He cross you up on the basketball court anytime, anywhere.

– He plays both the guitar and bass guitar. The fall season or just mild weather is GRRRREAT!

– Adrian enjoys reading history, like … really loves to read history.

– He considers himself a history nerd. Adrian also loves his dog.

– His favorite animal is the American Bison, he doesn’t really know why….maybe because they just look cool!

Closing words to live by from Adrian: “Always be nice to guests, always try to be nice to people. But that is just a good way to live!”