~Shared by M. Crandall

Everyone celebrates Christmas a little differently. Traditions vary from home to home. My family started a tradition years ago. We would buy pajamas to open on Christmas Eve; we’d all change into a PJ’s and wear them to bed and continue to wear them Christmas morning to open our presents. On Christmas morning, we would each open our stockings one by one. My husband always sneaks something fun into each stocking, you might find a can of spam, canned meat or something really ridiculous. It always makes us laugh.

I have some amazing co-workers that wanted to share some of their Christmas traditions as well.

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Laura Molins, Front Desk/Reservations, says, “Every Christmas Eve, we celebrate the Italian tradition of the seven fishes and eat a seafood feast for dinner in honor of my Italian heritage on my mother’s side of the family. We spend the day in the kitchen cooking all the seafood together, which always includes lobster, mussels, calamari, tilapia and scallops.”

Tammy Compton in the reservations department says, “My mom would always allow us to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Sometimes we chose well and enjoyed a new toy for the night; sometimes we wound up wearing new pajamas. You know, the gift you love to get when you’re older, but not so much as a kid. Then we’d gather around the Christmas tree and play ‘I Spy.’ Someone would find a decoration and describe it by color, and the listener would have to figure out what they were talking about. If you were close, they’d say, ‘You’re warm or hot.’ If not, you were cold. My sister, brother and mom were great at playing the game; I always seemed to get frustrated long before figuring it out. It was one of those games that didn’t cost anything but was loads of fun. I haven’t thought about that in a long time. My beloved mom has passed away. My siblings are older, but that was the good stuff. Great family at Christmas time can’t be beat.”

Colleen Mitchell in Reservations says, “We wake up around 9:30 am. Mom makes a pot of coffee; we play Christmas music and open all our presents. Towards the end of opening presents, my dad would make breakfast. We all get ready, dressed in nice outfits, take some family photos, and drive to Grandma’s house in New Jersey to have dinner with my mom’s side of the family. We enjoy great memories.”

At Woodloch, family and traditions are what it’s all about. What are your most memorable Christmas memories or favorite holiday traditions at home or at Woodloch?