Woodloch Weddings: A Guide to Holiday Proposals

~ shared by J. Ranner

I think Billy Squier said it best: “Christmas is the time to say I LOVE YOU.”

Come November 1st, most of us tend to pack up the hokey spookiness of Halloween (I’m a huge fan) and slowly but surely start gearing up our houses for “the most WONDERFUL time of the year- the holidays!

It’s true- after we’re finished with the screaming and the maniacal laughter of All-Hallow’s Eve, our hearts maybe get just a little bit lighter. The holidays bring families and friends together across state lines, under the glow of beautiful lights, and maybe just for one brief moment, all is right in the world (until we get our credit card statements in January).

Perhaps this perfect atmosphere of family and love make it just about the perfect time for marriage proposals.

If it sounds all too perfect, maybe because it is. The two most popular days for engagements are Christmas and New Year’s. But perhaps it might even be wise to use the benefits of the holiday SEASON as a whole to surprise your soon-to-hopefully-be-your-fiancée with a proposal!

What are the benefits of this? Well, The Woodloch Weddings Team is glad that you asked!



It all starts with THE SCENERY. Where were you when this happened? With beautiful decorations just about everywhere during the holiday season, there’s no shortage of beautiful backdrops for your proposal! Think of marquee locations like the tree at Rockefeller Center in New York or Washington DC. But best of all? Even your own backyard becomes a magical locale with a little bit of snow and some Christmas lights! Throw in a couple of flurries and all of the sudden, you’re in a fairy tale.


Other than your hubby, nobody will be more excited to hear about your engagement than your family! So instead of informing them via Facebook/text/snapchat/whateveryoukidsareusingthese days, how wonderful would it be to break the news to EVERYONE in person? Holiday gatherings make that a cinch!


Let’s get real for a moment- we aren’t all made of money, and very few things in this world feel as good as landing a sweet deal. And just like blenders and those beautiful 4K televisions that will be on sale at big box retailers, so will engagement rings at select jewelers! Save yourself a few bucks and get a great deal on a beautiful ring that the love of your life will cherish. (You could always try the “buy and hide” tactic, but what are the chances that SOMEBODY might go snooping?)


Not everyone is the hopeless romantic type, but if you can’t find a subtle cute way to pop the question during the holidays, well… you might be just plain hopeless.

A memorable walk through a lights display. A special ornament on a tree. Counting down to New Year’s on one knee. You get it. There are so many sweet yet subtle ways to propose that it almost seems like a wasted opportunity if you don’t.


It’s not a coincidence that there are so many holiday proposals- as we’ve discussed, it’s a great way to make it memorable! With that being said, many Bridal Showcases are held right after New Year’s. If you haven’t attended one, they are a great way to meet with venues and vendors and get many of your wedding details ironed out in one fell swoop!


Yes, back to where it all began… LOVE. Love brought you to where you are, and the world just seems to glow a little bit brighter during the holidays. Who are we to deny what we’re feeling? Roll with that emotion, and let everything fall into place…

Just like flakes of snow.