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~shared by J. Ranner

Teddy bears, red roses and little tiny conversation hearts everywhere you go, from the most upscale shopping venues on Fifth Avenue to the gas station counter in downtown Hawley.

Love is in the air. Every February 14th, couples (and hopeful romantics) let the world know their intentions with fancy dinners, sentimental cards and in some cases, the presentation of jewelry and other elaborate gifts.  That’s what love is all about, right? Taking one day of the year, going over the top and letting the world know that “she’s mine.” 

Nope. Not to me. And I feel I’m not alone. 

My experiences and observations of what I consider to be “true love” are really more eternal. You don’t take one day of the year to let someone know how important they are to you- you let them know every day of the year, and not always in grand fashion. Subtle hints of care often speak volumes over razzle dazzle. To me, those are the couples that endure and last. 

I’ve been working at Woodloch for over 16 years and have lost count of all the sweet gestures and stories I’ve seen over the years from our guests.  I’ve seen many romances – TRUE ROMANCES – develope and flourish right before my very eyes.  I’ve had friends meet their soul mates here, then I’ve watched their families grow.  There’s seriously something about Lake Teedyuskung that brings out the best in all of us. In the end, “little things” collectively end up as being “the big things” after all. 


Recently, we’ve received a flood of special Woodloch love stories. So, in the spirit of the season, I’d like to share just a few of them with you today.  


“My husband and I have been going since we were 17 – we are both approaching 50 now (totally crazy). We have been visiting Woodloch as teenagers, newlyweds, “babies on the way”; “infants in tow”; “toddlers in tow” and now “mini adults in tow. We have certainly passed on your tradition to our children who are now entering adulthood and still beg us to take them twice a year.”

“My wife and I were fighting. She just had our second son a few months ago. She was complaining that we never do anything fun because I was always working. It was just before labor day 2007. I stormed away and went on line. Found Woodloch and booked Labor Day weekend. I came downstairs and said, ‘I booked a trip – happy?’ That was 6 years ago. We just had our 12th visit. Best fight we ever had.


“When my husband proposed I knew the only place I wanted to get married was Woodloch. It’s like going home again! Now I bring my children every year and hope they will continue the tradition when they have families of their own one day.”


“My parents would go yearly with another couple in the early 1980’s. We always heard great stories and were shown beautiful pictures. My brother and sister in law were the first ones to accompany my parents and loved it! Before you knew it we all joined it (mid 1980’s). As each year passed it grew into nieces and nephews joining us every October. We continued to go even after my Dad passed away in 1994. Unfortunately we lost my Mom in 2010 and my nieces and nephews are in college so each year since then it is now my husband and I carrying on the tradition. We know one day my siblings and their children will be back again when possible. We love it and can not imagine a year without Woodloch. Wonderful memories…priceless.”


“My only son dressed as Tigger asked his wife to marry him in the dining room.”


And this is just a sampling of the great stories we have- and I know there are many more out there! Feel free to share your special tale in the comments section below!