1) When did you meet?
2) First thing you noticed about the other person?
3) How long together? Married?
4) Who said I love you first?
5) What are some things you love to do together?

John & Donna Sloane

Woodloch was a special place for  me. (I’ve been working here since I was fourteen!) But it took a whole new meaning after meeting, “Donna Celentano.”  A Woodloch guest! I knew Donna’s family from coming over the years. They have and still come every year since the 1970’s.

It was an introduction at The Inn’s Oak Bar, by her Brother In-Law, Steve Banks. Then it was, let’s all meet at “Mulehay’s” in a few weeks because I had tickets for Marshal Tucker Band at John Murray’s bar.

That Trip Changed My Life For The Better!

Many trips and events together, I could go on and on but the outcome was that Donna and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day 1996. She moved to Hawley and the old Sloane mansion fraternity house became a “Home.” We married on November 2nd 1996. The reception was at The Inn. (Of Course!) 254 people and some drive-bys that didn’t believe it was happening. Since the two great children and many special events at The Inn.

When my mom passed away we started doing a St. Patrick parade to cheer up my father. The first year in 1999 we had five people and one dog. Since then it has become a tradition and has grown to a great day and weekend for many. Woodloch has been a special place for so many couples. This is just one of so many.

Thank you Woodloch Family for having such a great place for so many people to meet each other over the years.

John & Donna Sloane

P.S. Looking forward to our 25th wedding anniversary that is coming up soon! (Future Inn Party!)


1) 1990s but became better friends in 1994.

2) Looked “good/ hot” even picked up a shift at the pool bar the week Donna was up! She was also a family person, she loved her niece and nephews. John’s sense of humor and kindness.

3) Together since 1996; been married for 23 years.

4) We disagree on this one. We both think it was us, but I think I whispered it first hoping for a response of the same kind. Donna says it was her at Stoney Brook Hospital Christmas party.

5) Spending time with each other. We go road trips, do different projects-go on adventures, just spend time with our friends, family and kids. Love to work on projects together especially outside. Spending time with our kids and enjoy our days together.

Dave & Sue


1) We have quite the story. We have known each other since we were 3 years old (our families both went to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.) Went through Sunday school, youth group and confirmation class together. I started working at Woodloch as a waitress Dec, 26th 1974. Dave started February 1978. I saw he was working in the kitchen and I have not seen him for about a year because we were both in college. We had a nice visit and he asked me on our first date which was at the north lodge that summer on a Monday evening or square dancing – with Karl Kennedy and his band.

2) The first thing I noticed in 1978, on what a nice guy he was (and still is) with an amazing smile.

3) We have been together 40 years, married 39 years. Since June 8, 1980.

4) Dave said it first!

5) Things we like to do together

  • Go out to dinner
  • Spend time together
  • Visit family and

Ken & Teresa


1) November 2001.

2) She seemed lonely but thought she was too religious for me. She was very mature. He was so friendly, sharing his candy with everybody.

3) First date was Feb. 1, 2002 and we got married Oct. 2002, going 15 years strong.

4) Ken did.

5) Shopping, Picnics, traveling, visiting family, going out to dinner.

Jess & Terry


1) We met in fall 1995.

2) Terry noticed my hair, and Jess noticed “another HS boy.”

3) Even though we knew each other, we didn’t care for each other. But in early 2000 we became friends and started dating in 2001 and married in 2003.

4) Jess did!

5) Family time, walks, and movies.

Alicia & John


1) 2007

2) John didn’t feel comfortable saying but Alicia noticed how charming he was on that first phone call.

3) 12 years together, almost 8 years married.

4) Alicia did.

5) Watch movies, eat out, and be stressed out by our kids together.

Tommy & Amanda


1) We met in 2012 when Amanda started working in special events at the Inn. Tommy was the bar manager.

2) Amanda noticed how sweet Tommy was and his eyes and smile. Tommy first noticed her hair.

3) Together 7 years and married for 4 years.

4) Tommy said it first!

5) Watch our shows together, go out to dinner, dance in our kitchen, hanging with our boys, going on vacations together sipping on some cocktails every now and then.

Robbie & Erica


1) We met at the 2011 Woodloch Managers’ Meeting. Well, actually we first met a year earlier at Cora’s after a Lodge/Pines sales get-together that Robbie’s mom organized, but Robbie doesn’t remember lol.

2)  Erica say “I noticed Robbie’s smile and cheerful spirit.”
Robbie says, “Erica was so kind and sweet, and I noticed her beautiful blue eyes.” lol

3) We’ve been together about 7.5 years and married for 4.5.

4) Robbie did.

5)  We love to travel, explore new towns (and farmers markets!), watch Schitt’s Creek and Undercover Billionaire, and of course spend time with our daughter, Alana.

Lois & Jenna


1) Sept. 9, 2017

2) I noticed Jenna’s eyes.

3) Married 3 weeks and 3 days, but been together for 2 years and 2 weeks plus a day.

4) Luis said “I love you” first.

5) Go out to eat to new places, we also:

  • Cook together, visit our families
  • Watch Netflix
  • Road trips
  • We take selfies everywhere we go
  • Drink wine together

Valerie & Elise


1) We met May 1st 2018

1) Val noticed Elise’s eyes and Elise noticed Val’s smile.

1) We’ve been together for a year and 3 months.

1) Elise said “I love you” first, she couldn’t keep it in anymore.

1) We both enjoy cooking dinner together, going on hikes or watching T.V. while cuddling with our kittens!

Additional #WOODLOCHLOVESTORY Responses Collected

Craig & Chris


1) We met at Woodloch – often say that car accidents brought us together.  First time I saw him he had hit a deer outside of Woodloch and came in to use the phone; Second time we met I had a fender bender with my car and brought it to the body shop he worked at to get it fixed.

2) I liked his looks and he honestly seemed like a really nice person (which turned out to be true).

3 ) Knew each other since 1976 – just celebrated 40 years of marriage.

4) Hard to remember who said I love you first – but whoever it was, the other said I love you too back.

5) We love to relax at home, listen to music, he goes on the computer (facebook and surfs the net for cars) and I play my computer games.

Frank & Sarina


1) January 2007

2) Sarina – His awesome sense of humor and wit.  Frank – Her great smile and fun loving personality.

3) Been inseparable since Jan 2007; married since May 6, 2011.

4) She said I love you first. We had been dancing around it for a while, both of us too nervous to be the first to say it.

5) Our favorite thing to do together: Exploring new places, play games, river tubing during summer, hiking, and wine!

Emily & Junior


1) Technically December 2007. For real, for real, December 2008.

3) Together since February 2009. Married in June 2012.

4) He said te amo. She said I love you, too.

5) We’re both homebodies that love to travel. It’s an inner conflict, but we make each other do it. We love to explore new towns and cities with our two daughters as well as just lounge out on a beach whenever possible. We like to have a good time together, but we also know how to give each other space, Junior going to play soccer and Emily to concert.

Patrick & Jenette


1) At Woodloch’s outdoor concert on Monday night in the summer.  It was with a Jimmy Buffet Band.

2) Her smile…beautiful smile!

3) Together for 10 years, married for 7 years

4) Patrick.

5) What are some things you love to do together? Other than being parents (which we do love doing together), we love trying new things, and having drinks outside while catching up on life

Matt & Laura


1) We have known each other and were friends for a very long time but we started dating in 2013.
2) I noticed his good sense of humor and his loyalty to his friends & family.  Matt says “since we were friends first, the first thing I noticed was she liked to have fun and had a great sense of humor.”
3) We have been dating since 2013 and married since 2017.
4) He did.
5) We love travelling to new places, going out to eat, concerts, and Eagles games.

Abbey & Corey


1) I think 2013. We became friends at least then. Officially started hanging out as a couple in February of 2014.

2) His style. I liked his plaid shirts! He also has a great sense of humor. I love to laugh.

3) Engaged. 2021 is our year! We’ve been together for 5 years.

4) Corey. I wanted to and he knew it, but I was too scared. He ended up saying it first.

5) Obviously we are both obsessed with our son, Wyatt. We both love hiking, especially in the Adirondacks. We both love beer/wine tastings. Eating is our favorite too- we love adventuring to find new restaurants.

I have something to add though. There was a moment, very defining and significant, when I realized that Corey was the one. It was a late Winter evening and I was driving home from the White Owl. The roads were snow covered and I probably wasn’t driving as safely as I should have been. I ended up misjudging a turn, taking it too quickly, and going off the road and into the knee high snow. After a couple minutes of my tires spinning in the snow, I realized I was stuck. That’s about the time that the realization that I could be in really big trouble kicked in. It was after midnight, the temperatures were in the single digits, I was almost out of gas, and now I was completely stuck on a back road in the middle of nowhere. My mind kicked into survival mode. How can I get myself out of this mess? How can I get traction underneath my tires? How long will the gas in my tank last to keep me warm in this cold? What are the odds of someone driving by that could help me? Would they even stop? Is there someone I can call? Do i have winter boots? Blankets? Water? I had none of these things. Am I going to die?! The moment that that thought crossed my mind, my phone lit up and I thought “I’m saved!” Corey had called me out of the blue for the first time ever. We were not dating. We were barely friends. And he had never called me before. It was like that moment in the romantic movie where time slows down and the music softens and suddenly you know exactly how the movie is going to end. He drove out into the middle of the night with his dad’s truck and pulled me out. As dramatic as it sounds, I literally felt like he saved my life. I swear that was the moment I knew he was the one. It took me a couple months to admit it to myself, but I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life knowing that Corey was there to take care of me. #Woodlochlovestory

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