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~shared by J. Ranner

At the risk of compromising my job, I’m just going to say it: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DISNEY AND EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR. True, to a degree they bring some of our stiffest competition to the table and in theory could bippity-boppity-boo me right out of a job, but one simply cannot deny the joy that their characters and movies bring to all of our lives. 

I was 9 years old when The Lion King came out in 1994, and outside of Toy Story and Up, it remains my favorite Disney film to this day. The animation, the great sing alongs (hakuna matata!), and even the morals and advice still resonate with me to this day. Perhaps the most poignant of all of the scenes was during Simba’s vision of Mufasa on the plains when he told his son, “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.” Four words that essentially define the entire movie… and life for many of us.

That’s when I remembered “who” Woodloch is. We are a family resort that has lasted through nearly 6 decades by not compromising our identity.  We are a collection of wonderful people that offer our talents, care and spirits to making sure that our guests always feel as if they are company in our own home.  So it’s only appropriate that our last bit of good deeds showcase that personality…



poconos resort9. Holiday Senior Center Cooking Class – If you’ve ever had the pleasure of catching one of our midweek cooking classes, you’ll know that they provide the perfect combination of delicious Woodloch dishes with our staple comedic antics… a meal and a show, so to speak! This year, during our winter “shutdown” period, both Joey and Chef Dave volunteered their times to provide local seniors from Honesdale, Hawley and Hamlin with a special on-the-house Cooking Class.

Better yet, Avery Transportation of Beach Lake, PA- the same company that escorts many of our seniors here during normal midweeks – provided free transportation to and from Woodloch for all of these seniors. All in all, nearly 40 of these seniors were treated to knowledge, entertainment and of course, all of our delicious cooked goodies!


10. Pre-school Story Hour – Let’s not kid ourselves: the excitement and anticipation of Santa’s arrival can push young children to be a little… squirrely during the holiday season. We were all there once, so don’t deny it.

Yet I’ve found nothing better to bring children to bay than the almighty power of books. Therefore, Woodloch’s fantastic kids program hit the road to a local day care to bring happiness to both children and daycare staff alike.  Stories and snacks were shared as we guided kids through our holiday arts & crafts project. Even our mascot Boomer got in on the fun!


11. Taking our Show on the Road – I sometimes sit in awe at the amount of talent that surrounds me every day in the workplace.  Many of my co-workers aren’t just good at their jobs; they also are incredibly talented with showsmanship. This is exactly why we enlisted Eric and Sammy from our Social Department to put together and perform a “Holiday Storytellers” program for the eager audience at The Mountain View Care Center.  

Together, they pooled their talents to provide residents with holiday songs, storys, jokes, and even “Uncle Sammy” reading some Christmas poetry.  And since most of the residents were on the “nice” list, jolly ol’ St. Nicholas himself appeared with a bag full of delicious chocolate chip cookies to share with his friends. After all… tis the season to not count calories!


12. Saying “Thank You” – I’m grateful that the Kiesendahl family makes an effort to bring this up at every company gathering.  Verbatim, they tell us: “almost every resort has facilities. They all have food and they all have entertainment.  What continues to make us special is YOU. Without the staff, we simply wouldn’t be the same.”  

When I hear that, I not only know that it’s the truth (let’s face it, we’re AWESOME), but also that the family is being genuinely sincere.  To reinforce that idea, for our last objective in the 12 Days of Giving, the family called several staff members up to the office, gave their heartfelt thanks, and simply handed them over a little bit of cash to help with the expenses of the holiday season. Nothing more, nothing less.  Just showing their appreciation.  


From a personal point of view, this was one of the best holidays I’ve celebrated in my life not because of gifts I received but because I truly felt like I was able to spread cheer through our 12 Days of Giving.  I’ve also been beaming with pride of my co-workers all season long.

It truly always IS better to give than receive!

family reunions, poconos resort