Woodloch’s Haunted Hayrides: “Behind the SCREAMS”

~shared by J. Ranner

Mornings are getting chillier and chillier, and the leaves are growing ever-more brilliant by the day- FALL has finally fallen, folks.

While it’s a bittersweet symphony watching the days get a little shorter and feeling the nights grow brisker, to many, it’s a more than welcome time of year. Let brilliant leaves come tumbling down, let the apple cider flow, and let miniature size chocolate bars and candy corns adorn store shelves. For many, this season is just about THE BEST.

In addition to enjoying a full menu of outdoor activities well into the season, one of the most exciting reasons to visit Woodloch during the Autumn
is our annual spooktacular “Haunted Hayride.” Guests bold enough to hop aboard are thrilled through over a dozen scenes from your favorite scary movies, television shows and even the imagination. As if the Pennsylvania wilderness wasn’t spooky enough on its own merit at night, you can be sure to expect fog, tricks of light, wild characters, and maybe even a pyrotechnic or two. All in all, it’s a half hour experience that will have you laughing and screaming all the way home.

The rides originally started off as just a two night affair, with basic rope drop tricks and boom boxes out in the woods. “Halloween really grew and grew in
popularity, especially at our resort,” says Joey Ranner, Activities Director. “As Woodloch expanded our program with costume parties, trick or treating, pumpkin
decorating and more, demand for the hayrides grew almost exponentially.” In 2019, Woodloch will offer 9 nights of terror.

Preparation for the rides begins just as the busy summer season winds to a close. “We now have legitimate stages and sets that need to be constructed alongside our Nature Trail,” says Joey.“Welding, wiring, painting, decorating, soundtrack selection… it takes weeks. By the time opening night approaches, we have just enough time to ensure that our guests are getting a fully immersive night of scares.”

And the best part? You’ll NEVER see the same exact ride twice. “Things need to stay fresh to keep up with new fears. For instance,  when Pennywise the Dancing Clown terrified theater-goers, we felt it appropriate that he made an appearance.” Who knows what sorts of horrors await this year?

Of course, those too timid to give our rides can enjoy campfire mallows under an October sky, family friendly acts every night on our stage, petting zoos and our less-scary Family BOO-lympic relay events. In fact, we’d say that you can bet your entire bag of candy that Woodloch will pull out all tricks to ensure
that you are treated to an unforgettable Hallow-day…