Woodloch’s Newest Accommodation: Meet the Tallwoods!

~shared by J. Ranner

I was fortunate enough to grow up in an era where MTV still “kind of” showed music videos- I know, that’s hard to believe! Back in the day, I used to come home from school, fire up my satellite dish (this thing was HUGE), and would watch Carson Daly run down the hottest music videos of the day with “Total Request Live.” Ahh, sweet memories!

Of course, MTV would remain on our old tube and projection TV’s long after the number one video had been unveiled. One of my favorite follow up shows was “Cribs”- the show that explored the palaces of rich and famous musicians, actors and athletes (Shaq’s home was my personal favorite).

Though the first episode aired almost 17 years ago already, one fact remains true- it’s ALL about THE CRIB. Even on vacations.

In July of 2017, Woodloch was very proud to unveil their newest accommodation to our guests: THE TALLWOODS. These townhouse style dwellings might be just the thing for your next Woodloch escape- let us “show you around!”

We’ll start with the name. It may strike a chord with some of our long-time guests… because we’ve actually had “Tallwoods” units here in the past! Originally, these cabin-like rooms were just a short walk away from our present day North Lodge, but ultimately were brought down to make a little bit more room for activities like Double Dare and our fire pit. The name is a loving homage to the past!

One guests check in to their fabulous Tallwoods estate, they’ll notice a private courtyard as they make their way into one of four townhouses. There’s no hassle at all with our private assigned parking spots. And best of all… remember that Woodloch’s shuttle busses are never more than a quick phone call away- your vehicles can stay safely nestled in their spots for the duration of your stay!

Pop the door of your townhouse open and discover a beautiful living area, complete with high ceilings, modern decor and of course a propane fireplace- a perfect setting for catching up with family and old friends! If you find yourself blessed with a beautiful day outside, guests can lounge on both an outdoor and screened in deck!

Though you’ll eat plenty well during your Woodloch dining experiences, hunger can strike at any hour in between! You’ll be pleased to know that each Tallwoods unit comes complete with a furnished kitchen and spacious dining room. You’ll find all the appliances one requires to satisfy your appetites in between all of the day’s fun and games!

Though these units are great for just about anybody, they can bring a special value to family reunions, wedding parties and corporate retreats. We are simply in love with these new units… and we think you will enjoy them too!

Of course, you’re eventually going to need to crash and recharge for all of the activities that lie ahead. That’s where each units 3 bedrooms come in! Though each accommodation varies a little bit, each unit can sleep up to 8 guests! Getting ready for the day / night ahead of you is never an issue with 3 AND a half bathrooms at your disposal!