4 Extreme Sports to Try This Fall at Woodloch

Tourists from all over the Northeast visit a secluded, beautiful 1,000-acre resort nestled deep in the heart of the Poconos for family fun, supreme relaxation, and extreme outdoor sports. That world-class family resort is Woodloch, the number one all-inclusive retreat in North America. We have over a dozen extreme onsite activities ideal for families with teens. Challenge yourself on the 30-foot climbing wall. Race through the Pennsylvania wilderness on a go-kart. Play an exhilarating game of survivor paintball. Or breeze through the valley on our 600-foot long Zipline Poconos Aerial Runway.

Zipline Poconos Aerial Runway

If you’ve never tried ziplining before, our 600-foot long Eagle Eye zipline is the perfect place to start. The Eagle Eye is a beginner-friendly runway that tops out at 35-40 mph, which is near the average speed of a zipline. Thrill-seekers will enjoy the partial 40-foot free fall at the end of the runway! The zipline slashes through a narrow passageway in between tall white oak trees. Participants must be at least 13 years old and weigh under 280 pounds to use the zipline.

Paintball Adventures

Depending upon who you ask, Woodloch’s paintball adventures are the most exhilarating activity on our grounds. We offer three distinct games: speedball, capture the flag, and survivor. Speedball is a two-team battle against the clock. The small field has various inflatable bunkers for strategic purposes. Capture the flag has become a popular variation of paintball where the rules are identical to the 150-year-old game. The winner of survivor paintball is the last person standing. Paintballers must be at least 11 years old to participate.

The Peak of Your Family Vacation

While you don’t have to be an experienced climber to conquer our 30-foot climbing wall, it is an extremely challenging structure that will test over a dozen muscles. Bring your “A” game because most intermediate climbers don’t make it five feet on their first try. If you’re able to reach the top of our steep tower, the views from the top are glorious – the perfect prize for reaching the peak! Climbers must weigh between 75 and 235 pounds.

Little Pocono Raceway

Woodloch Resort has two go-kart tracks that snake through the vast Pennsylvania wilderness. Our tracks aren’t nearly as exciting as the triangle at Pocono Raceway, one of the best super-speedways in the world, but our guests usually spend hours on the Little Pocono. The Pocono 400 is only 50 miles southwest of our woodland paradise! Jeff Gordon has won the Pocono 400 more than any other race car driver, which is why we have a replica DuPont #24 car at Little Pocono. Racers must be at least four feet tall to drive.

Pocono Mountains Resorts

With so many extreme outdoor sports, Woodloch Resort has become the number one all-inclusive family vacation in the Northeast. Spend your afternoons zipping, shooting, climbing, and racing, then indulge in a delicious dinner at one of our great restaurants. Find a deluxe guestroom, suite, or home that’s perfect for the whole family. A family escape to Woodloch is closer than you think. Visit our website today to learn more about our 50-year-old, family-run business!