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Let the pros help you improve your golf game!

“Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.”

Maybe you have dreams of being the next Arnold Palmer. Or perhaps you just can’t seem to get this whole “putting” thing.

Whatever the case may be, the pros at Woodloch Springs are on the case. Led by PGA Director John Pillar, our team is ready to spend some one-on-one time working with you to achieve your goals.

John Pillar
John PillarPGA Director of Golf at the Country Club at Woodloch Springs
John Pillar, is the PGA Director of Golf at The Country Club at Woodloch Springs since it’s opening in 1992. John manages the entire golf operation for the 450-acre residential community. John has made his number one responsibility to ensure the tradition of excellence at Woodoch and 100% Guest satisfaction.
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Jason Kuiper
Jason KuiperPGA, the Director of Instruction at the Country Club at Woodloch Springs
Jason Kuiper most recent position was at Orange Lake Resort as the Head Teaching Professional at The McCord Golf Academy as well as a Golf Operations Manager. He has been in that position since 2009 where he worked through the PGA program obtaining Class A membership in 2011.
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Josh Deal
Josh DealPGA Head Golf Professional at the Country Club at Woodloch Springs
Josh spent several seasons as First Assistant Golf Professional at Woodloch and is now entering his second season as PGA Head Golf Professional at Woodloch Springs. Josh oversees the daily golf operation and is a key contributor to making every golfer’s experience a memorable one.
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Private Lessons

John Pillar  Jason Kuiper Josh Deal
Private Lessons Price
One Hour $75
30 Minutes $50
Junior lessons (30 minutes) $25
Private Lessons Price
One Hour $80
Series of Three $210
30 Minutes $50
Junior lessons (30 minutes) $25
Private Lessons Price
One Hour $75
30 Minutes $45
Junior lessons (30 minutes) $25

Pro Tip:

Do you want to hit the ball more solid?  Are you topping the ball or chunking your iron shots or your pitch shots?

Try this tip to help you get those short shots more crisp.

The Problem Most people who struggle with ball striking have an inconsistent bottom of the swing.  Most times, the swing bottoms out or brushes the grass too far behind the ball causing chunk shots or even top shots.   This is usually caused by your weight pressure to be too far on your back foot at the point of impact.

The Fix For short shots try keeping 90% of your weight on your front foot throughout the small swing.  This should get the club bottoming out or brushing the grass slightly in front of the ball or right at the bottom of the ball.  Once you have done this properly,  try making fuller swings– you can let your weight turn into your back foot slightly more on the backswing on the fuller shot but focus on getting the weight left at impact and all the way left through the finish while having your body facing the target in the finish. At this point, all of your weight should be on your left foot.

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Golf Academy Videos

Hands-on tips from course pro Jason Kuiper!

Here are some great video tips from PGA member Jason Kuiper- check back often for updates!


Lower your score by fine-tuning your golf equipment to your exact specifications. We utilize the Ping club fitting systems.

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