14 Ways to Leave Your Love… BREATHLESS

~shared by J. Ranner

The words will echo in my head, from now and probably until eternity. “Asking a woman to marry you- that is THE MOST important decision anyone ever makes.”

Though I still haven’t popped the question, I’ll never forget the sincerity in which my dad dictated that advice.

So, if something is really THE most important question you’ll ever ask anyone in your life, I think it should go without saying that just as important is the way in which it is delivered. Should it be grand, loud and flooded with spectators? Or should it be sweet, simple and just the two of you? The answer is inevitably different for everyone. But I think that if you really took your time and really know your significant other, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll just know what the right way to make it happen would be.

But… in case you’re overwhelmed with options and emotions, maybe a little bit nervous, or just starting to think of the perfect proposal, our Woodloch Weddings team has just a few suggestions from all the wonderful stories that have happened with couples at our resort.

As the adage goes: “we know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.” With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, hearts are thumping love is running rampant through our souls, and something tells me we’re just about to see a couple more proposals happening soon enough!

1. Take them someplace special. Location, location, location- sometimes it’s just as easy as making sure the landscape is perfect for popping the question. It could be anywhere from the top of the tallest mountain to the coffee shop where you had your first date- as long as it’s special, or going to be special, to YOU. We’ve had many guests who have stayed with us even use Woodloch as their stage!

2. “My gift is my song, and this one’s for you.” There’s a reason that music holds such a special place with us- for me, it often helps me express myself when I might be having a hard time doing so. How amazing would it be for a surprise appearance from an acoustic guitarist, or even a string quartet, to play “your song” as you propose? Guaranteed happy tears.

3. Send them on THE hunt. If you’re playful and are willing to compromise the element of total surprise, maybe a little Scavenger Hunt would be in order! Map out all the locations close by that are special to you, and hide clues or mementos in each spot. Be waiting with a ring in the last stop.

4. Take out an ad. Maybe you enjoy reading the Sunday Times together. Or perhaps, every week you catch a flick at your local movie theater. Why not surprise your SO with a proposal ad? It is almost guaranteed to catch them off guard, and the newspaper provides a souvenir!

5. Involve the audience. Some like their proposals private and intimate- others just love having their best friends and family close to see it all play out! Having kin right in the mix allows for instant celebration- just be sure everyone keeps it on the down-low! Or, find a way to get on stage at a concert, start a flashmob dance routine, stand on top of a busy bar- the attention hungry will find a way to be noticed!

6. Simple and romantic. Call it an early day at the office, and head home early. Be your best romantic self- we are talking dressing up, using rose petals, lighting lots of candles, photo galleries and maybe a little Lionel Richie playing on Alexa. You’re in your own controlled environment where you should be 100% comfortable- and your honey will just melt.

7. “The Freeze Frame.” Ever experience something that sort of took your breath away? Double that feeling by taking that moment to propose. Skydiving. Riding in a Hot Air Balloon. Rowing through Venice, Italy. Seize the moment and make it exponentially better by popping the question! BONUS: consider hiring a photographer to capture that “WOW” moment. 99.7% guaranteed you’ll be glad that you did!

8. The Photo Session. Speaking of photographers, why not use one as a cover operation? Tell a little white lie and say that you’ve won a free couple’s photo session. Midsession, pull the ring out of our pocket and allow the photographer to catch it all on film. (Then, promptly pay the photographer for a job well-done!)

9. When they’re “the missing piece,” try “spelling it out.” Maybe the two of you enjoy a good jigsaw puzzle. Custom puzzles can be made online through multiple sources (including Shutterfly), so put your message onto the puzzle, then watch as your sweetie pies eyes light up in anticipation as they piece together “WILL YOU MARRY ME.” More of a board game aficionado? Do it all with games like Scrabble or Boggle!

10. Say it with food. It’s been said that the quickest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Why quit a winner? Dining experiences can be a fun and surprising way to spring the question. Maybe drop the ring in a fancy glass of champagne at a 5-star Restaurant, front and center mixed in with a traditional heart shaped box of chocolates, or at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box. Just be sure they get their ring BEFORE they accidentally ingest it!

11. Help from furry friends. We all love our pets- they are an important part of the family. So if you trust your fuzzball, incorporate them into your proposal. Throw a bow tie on your cat and have the ring on his collar. Or have your dog fetch something special and bring it back to your soon to be fiancé. We know you love your animals- just be sure you TRUST them as well if you take this route!

12. Reverse the roles. Are you finding yourself waiting for hubby to come to their senses and ask? If you know that this person is THE ONE, why not take matters into your own hands? Pick any method at all and ask THEM to marry YOU.

13. “The Houdini.” The element of surprise will prove itself invaluable in planning a proposal, so you need to catch your boo off-guard. And there’s no better way to completely catch someone by surprise than by appearing out of thin air! You’ll find that family, friends, co-workers and maybe even total strangers will be willing to help. Make sure you’ve got a convincing alibi in place, then sweep them off their feet when they least expect it.

14. Tis the season. Everyone is with friends and loved ones, and spirits are just a little warmer this time of the year- why not roll with it? Make Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years a little more memorable by proposing on a holiday. Trim the tree, and then claim to have “one last ornament that really needs to go up.” Place an ornament with your proposal on the tree, then be ready for hugs and kisses. Ring in a New Year with a new beginning- just before the ball drops at midnight, bend the knee and watch their eyes light up!

These are all just a couple of suggestions and brainstorming tools for those of us deeply in love- and maybe the best option might be to combine a bunch of options! The important thing about your proposal is that it is YOU, it is THEM, it is sincere and it is done with LOVE!