Woodloch Resort, a Digital Detox for Kids (and Parents)

With another trip around the sun complete and a new untold decade in the forefront, it’s impossible not to reflect on the last 10 years. So much has changed since 2010, especially in the technology industry. For those of us who remember a world without computers, cell phones, and flatscreen televisions, the future can, at times, feel strangely unnerving. That being said, there are a handful of destinations within 100 miles of New York City that foster authentic, old-fashioned family bonding, including Woodloch Resort. Over the years, we’ve become synonymous with “offline retreat” (or “unplug retreat,” depending on who you ask). In fact, we’ve evolved into the most desirable digital detox for kids (and parents) on the East Coast. While we do have complimentary Wi-Fi access and televisions in each guest room, it’s incredibly easy to unplug when there’s an endless array of fun, relaxation, and entertainment at the ready.

Digital Detox for Kids: 9 Ways to Unplug at Woodloch

The recent digital detox trend has reached its pinnacle as more and more parents see a genuine need for an extended break from screens. As we plod ahead into 2020, the way we interact is vastly different than it was 20 years—times change. However, if everyone in the living room or dinner table is peering down at their smartphone, there’s a problem. A digital detox for kids requires, at a minimum, these three things: outdoor adventure, near-constant stimulation, and structure. Luckily for you, Woodloch’s daily activity sheet makes it easy to plan each day as a family unit. An offline retreat has never been more accessible thanks to the continual effort by our Social Staff.

  1. A Beach Day. Build a sandcastle, challenge another family to a game of beach volleyball, and fly kites.
  2. Lake Teedyuskung Fishing Derby. Hook a largemouth bass, walleye, or pike.
  3. Family-Style Dining. Every digital detox for kids should include several meals with family, friends, and new acquaintances.
  4. Digital Detox for KidsA True Road Trip. Before or after your arrival, plan several rousing pit stops at nearby museums, state parks, or shops.
  5. Embrace Autumn. Grow as a family amid vibrant foliage.
  6. Watch Live Entertainment. Every night, guests can enjoy live music, a theme show, or a daring variety act.
  7. Splash, Swim, and Ski. We boast several swimming pools and exclusive access to Lake Teedyuskung.
  8. Countless Homegrown Activities. A screen detox is so much more natural when everyone is engaged in a variety of competitions, challenges, and games.
  9. Off-Site Hiking and On-Site Snowshoeing. Unlike forest bathing, these two activities can involve as much chatter and tomfoolery as you see fit.

Award-Winning Pocono Mountain Resorts

The Lodge at Woodloch, our sister property, has evolved into one of the premier digital detox hotels near New York City thanks to its world-class spa and gourmet cuisine. Woodloch Pines Resort, meanwhile, remains the top-rated digital detox for kids in the state. If you’re curious about a potential offline retreat here in Hawley, PA, please don’t hesitate to give us a toll-free call at 1-800-966-3562. You’ll never forget your well-deserved, long-awaited escape into the sunny, awe-inspiring Pocono Mountains!