Do! So much to do in the Pocono Mountains!

Woodloch offers an array of exciting activities and top-flight entertainment. Our all-inclusive Pocono resort provides guests with immaculate and spacious accommodations, abundant and delicious family-style meals and the Woodloch Experience Bracelet which provides access to enough unique activities to keep everyone entertained day and night!

  • Join in over 30 home-grown, social activities scheduled daily.
  • Explore dozens of amenities such as a six sided rock climbing wall, indoor and outdoor pools, bumper cars, go karts, bumper boats, kayaking, snow tubing, ice skating and so much more!
  • Enjoy family-friendly, nightly entertainment including a Broadway-Style Theme Show or our hilarious staff show, live music, comedy acts, jugglers or magicians.
  • Tour the Poconos and our surrounding area.  With legendary waters such as The Delaware and Lackawaxen Rivers and Lake Wallenpaupack, interesting and rare wildlife including the American Bald Eagle, and exciting outdoor activities like horseback riding, skiing, fishing, hiking and boating.
  • Enhance your package with our “adventure and passions” activities such as zip lining, wine tasting, art classes and river rafting. (nominal fees apply)
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No HoverDue to safety concerns, hoverboards are not permitted on any Woodloch properties. Thank you.

Woodloch Activities

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Night Activities


Night Activities The sun goes down, but the party is just beginning. Catch all sorts of evening fun and games- including DJs, bar games, trivia and more! Photos: Danfredo [...]

Boomer’s Kids’ Club Room


Boomer's Kids' Club Room Geared towards ages 10 and under Boomer's Kids' Club Room is filled with many popular games that children love to play, as well as unique and fun games that [...]

Winter Olympics

There’s no “cooler” way to celebrate the season in the Poconos than Winter Olympics! Baby, it’s cold outside… but whining about it is for the weak. We’re champions, people. Every winter, [...]

Scavenger Hunt

If you’re “searching” for fun in the Poconos… look no further than our Scavenger Hunt! A Woodloch classic that simply gets bigger and better every year. You’re going to need to [...]

Cake Wars

Grab a spatula… Cake Wars have broken out in the Pocono Mountains. Your mother always told you not to play with your food… that doesn’t necessarily mean you listened. For this [...]

Snow Tubing

Take the “plunge” to great family fun with snow tubing at Woodloch! Since the dawn of time, man has been on a constant quest to defy and tame gravity. It’s a [...]

Theme Show

The bright lights of Broadway make it to the Pocono Mountains! A taste of Broadway comes to the Poconos! Enjoy Woodloch's Theme Show, a collection of great musical and dance numbers [...]

Nearby Skiing

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Poconos Skiing at nearby Big Bear in Masthope There's no better way to enjoy the wintry Pocono landscape than with a plunge through some frozen powder! Premiere Pocono Mountain skiing and [...]

Horse Races

Enjoy a night at the "horse races” at our Pocono Resort! One of our most traditional events… and there’s good reason to keeping it that way! Select a steed and cheer [...]


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Snowshoeing at Woodloch There's no better way to explore your own little "winter wonderland" than with some snowshoeing at Woodloch! Lace up and traverse around our lake, or explore the wilderness [...]

Indoor & Outdoor Pools

Pools Woodloch’s pool complex makes a “splash” on your family vacation! Want to take a dip? Woodloch is more than ready for you! Woodloch knows how to beat the heat- dive [...]

Indoor & Outdoor Kiddie Splash Pools

Kiddie Pools make a huge "splash" during your all inclusive family vacation! They seem to have unlimited energy. Here's a place to burn some of it. Whether you're visiting in [...]

Woodloch Springs Sports Complex Pool

Get fit at our Springs Indoor Sports Complex! Looking for a low-key spot to make a splash? Venture over to our indoor waveless pool at Woodloch Springs! It's a great place [...]

Petting Zoo

Petting zoo provides an extra memorable experience for kids during your Pocono visit! Awwwwww… What could be better than cute, cuddly, fuzzy and warm little critters coming to pay you a [...]


Soak in the view of the Pocono Mountains with scenic hayrides! NATURE… ain’t nothin’ greater! Hop aboard a Woodloch hayride for your chance to soak in all the beauty of Pennsylvania.  [...]

Go Carts

Go Carts Zoom to glory on “Little Pocono” Raceway on your family vacation! Start your engines. We’re not Pocono Raceway… but man- it’s fun to pretend we ARE.  Give your opponents [...]

Archery Tag

A brand new family vacation “bullseye”- it’s ARCHERY TAG! …DUCK! Whew, that was close! Join us for one of our all-new “Archery Tag” competitions… think “Hunger Games” meets Dodgeball!  Don’t worry [...]


It’s a great family vacation “bullseye” with archery in the Poconos! To paraphrase William Shakespeare, “we’re all equal in archery.” Whether you’ve played Robin Hood before or it’s your first time [...]

Arts & Crafts Room

Arts and Crafts Room – keeping kids content on your family vacation! Squiggly lines. Blobs of color. Glue everywhere. To the untrained eye, it’s a mess- but to your child, it’s [...]

Shooting Barn

Fun hits the mark with Woodloch’s Shooting Barn! Ready to learn about rifles in a SAFE environment? Give our Shooting Barn a visit! One on one, our staff will guide you [...]

Athletic Contests

Athletic Contests make for fun, memorable family vacations! Jocks of the world, rejoice. Your vacation includes multiple opportunities to assert physical dominance, leave your opponents in the dust… and go home [...]

Ice Skating

Ice Skating Winter skating… it’s so NICE on the ICE at Woodloch in the Poconos! Twizzle into a triple axel… and YES, nailed the landing! Maybe you’re gearing yourself up to [...]

Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars Have a “smashing” family  vacation experience at our Bumper Car complex! Something about smacking into your closest friends and relatives feels really GOOD… “therapeutic,” even. Make the most of [...]

Forest Indoor Playground

Forest Indoor Playground Woodloch’s Indoor Forest Playground creates great vacations for kids! So. Much. Energy. Maybe it was something they ate. Or perhaps they’re just happy to be here. Whatever the [...]

Boomer Kids Club

The Boomer Kid's Club- because great kid’s programming leads to a great family vacation! If your kid is happy, you’re happy. That’s the truth of it. Enter Boomer’s Kid's Club.  After years of [...]

Kids Entertainment

Woodloch’s selection of children’s entertainers keeps even the toughest critic smiling! An entertained child is a content child. Content children relieve parents. A relieved parent is a happy parent. Enough said. [...]

Indoor Games

Indoor Games The fun goes on indoors… through all 4 seasons! Mother Nature does what she wants. And we have to let her. The good news is that regardless of what [...]

Woodloch Feud

Trivia for the whole family awaits you with Woodloch Feud in the Poconos! We asked 100 people: Name the best game show around. Survey says… WOODLOCH FEUD! Band up with 10 [...]


Aim on enjoying the Pocono landscape with our Trapshoot Competition! Set your “sights” on some quality time in the Pennsylvania outdoors with our Trapshoot contest! Showcase your expert marksmanship by taking [...]

Staff Show

Share the smiles with Woodloch’s Staff Show during your family vacation! You've gotten to know them over your stay- the Woodloch players provide laughs for the whole family with sketch comedy [...]


The “magic” of family vacations awaits you in the Poconos! Oh oh oh it’s MAGIC- you know… never believe it’s not so! Card tricks? Yup, we’ve got them. Big and bold [...]


Variety is the spice of life with Woodloch entertainment! Visit Woodloch once and we believe you’ll go home knowing one thing: anything can happen! Same goes for our entertainment.  Our eccentric [...]

Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall Woodloch’s Climbing Wall may just be the “peak” of your family vacation experience! Hope you ate your Wheaties, kids. This puppy is a WORKOUT. Woodloch’s pneumatically-belayed Climbing wall gives [...]

Nature Trail

Nature Trail Soak up that Pocono Mountain ambiance with a stroll through Woodloch’s Nature Trail! Biking. Jogging. Hiking. Segway-ing. It’s all there for you. There’s nothing better for the soul than [...]

Zip Line


Soar into great memories with our zip line at our Pocono Mountain resort! The Pocono Mountains aren’t exactly “the jungle,” but thrill seekers will feel just like Tarzan as they take on [...]

Amazing Race

No time for vacation… it’s “The Amazing Race” The ultimate test of endurance, knowledge and skill… are you feeling up to this? You’re going to sweat profusely, huff & puff as [...]

Pool Games

There’s no cooler way to celebrate summer in the Poconos than Woodloch’s Pool Games! Splish splash… Every summer, our indoor and outdoor pool complexes transform into a battleground for our Pool [...]

Summer Olympics

Woodloch’s Summer Olympics bring competition and smiles to your Poconos family vacation! The ORIGINAL big-team event at Woodloch. Under one “flag,” unite your team as your nation participates in 6 athletic [...]

Theme Games

Check out our Theme Games alongside our Pocono Mountains lake… NEW every year! Over the past 20 years, our Theme Games have put us in the shoes of cowboys, shipwrecked survivors, [...]

Double Dare

We “double dare” you to find more family vacation fun in the Poconos! Move over, Marc Summers. 1990 was a lifetime ago. Let’s cut the trivia and get right down to [...]

Haunted Hayrides

Dare for a scare with Haunted Hayrides through the Pocono forest! It’s October, and our Pennsylvania woods are beyond spooky… probably not a good idea to go through them at night. [...]

Cooking Class

Deliciously fun… our Cooking Class awaits you in the Poconos! (offered midweeks offseason) Woodloch is known throughout the lands for their tasty cuisine- now you can learn all of our secrets [...]

Wine Tasting


Cheers to a memorable family vacation with wine tasting in the Poconos! You were going to do this anyways… but now, you receive complimentary education along with your favorite beverages! Join [...]



Segways Segway tours through our Pocono landscape roll in the good times! Zoom zoom. Don’t believe what all the haters say- you ARE really cool riding one of these babies!  Tour [...]

Parties and Festivals

Parties & Festivals In the Poconos, we want to party all the time, party all the time… PARTY ALL THE TIME. You’ve got to fight… for your right… TO PARTY. Don’t [...]

Live Music

Woodloch vacation memories in perfect “harmony” with live music in the Poconos! Get lost in the rock n’ roll and DRIFT AWAY to the Poconos! Whether you’re enjoying an intimate performance [...]

Water Skiing

Waterskiing Waterskiing brings fun all summer long at our Pocono Mountains resort! Stretch it out… this may get intense. One of our oldest- and favorite- traditions! Learn to ski- or master [...]

Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats keep it “cool” in the Pocono Mountains At one point or another, you KNOW you’ve dreamt of being a pirate on the high seas, plundering other boats as you [...]


Your “ticket” to fun in the Poconos is our famous Carnival! Our spin on the Midway games we’ve all come to love on the boardwalk… although our carnies actually give you [...]

Lakeside Fun

Lakeside Fun Lake Teedyuskung provides four seasons of family vacation fun during your stay in the Poconos! Do everything. Or absolutely nothing. We’re not pressuring you one way or the other. [...]

Paintball Adventures


Keep your sights set on fun with Paintball Adventures at our Pennsylvania Resort! Suit up and roll out, troops. We're going into battle! Sign up for Woodloch's paintball skirmishes along our [...]


Family vacation fun? BINGO! Year over year, Bingo remains one of the most intense games available at Woodloch. We’re not kidding. Grab a card, join some friends, pop a squat and [...]

Bar Games

Bar Games- because family vacation fun includes adult fun and games! It’s been a great day full of games and contests with the whole family… …so the adults are entitled to [...]


Woodloch’s featured comedians bring plenty of laugh during your vacation… GUARANTEED! A wise man once said, “laughter is an instant vacation.” So with Woodloch’s selection of comic acts, you’re literally doubling [...]

Exercise Room & Fitness Classes

Exercise Room & Fitness Classes Stay sharp with physical fitness amenities during your Pocono vacation You know better than to skip leg day. Those of us who can’t simply go a [...]

Drum Circle

Drum circle never misses a beat in the Pocono Mountains! Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme… Crack out the Grateful Dead shirts, pop on the flip flops and light up the [...]

Game Rooms & Bunker

Game Rooms & Bunker The game is always “on” in our arcades and “Bunker” area! For a little escape from the elements, come join us for some electronic fun in our [...]


Get “hooked” on the great outdoors with fishing at Woodloch! So relaxing… it doesn’t even matter if you don’t catch anything. Although it’s better when you DO! Head down to our [...]

Miniature Golf

Family vacation fun is just a short “putt” away in the Poconos! The gallery grows silent as you approach the cup… our two miniature golf courses make it simple to sneak [...]

Nature Excursions


Bask in the beautiful surroundings with nature excursions at our resort! Go deep into the Pennsylvania wilderness with one of our expert led excursions. Kayaking, hiking, snowshoe and mountain biking trips [...]


Playgrounds The Poconos Mountains are your “playground”… literally! Swings. Ladders. Mini-Zip lines. Slides. All of the awesome stuff adults would love to get into if society didn’t judge them… but at [...]

Tennis Courts

Tennis courts at Woodloch- “serving” up family fun since 1958! Whether you compete like Andy Roddick or John Mcenroe, you have a place at Woodloch’s tennis courts. Courts are asphalt with [...]

Cooking Demonstrations


Woodloch’s cooking demonstrations are tasty AND educational! Woodloch is known throughout the lands for their famous food- want to get a little inside information on how it all happens? Enlist in [...]

Art Classes


Your Pocono getaway… “drawn” to perfection with Art Classes! Remember how great it was as a kid to kick back with a box of crayons and some paper and just… draw? [...]

Festival of Lights

Illuminated holiday family vacation magic awaits you at our Mountain Resort with "Festival of Lights!" Clark W. Griswold has NOTHING on us. Every new holiday season brings us a brand new [...]

Yule Log Hunt

“Find” some holiday spirit during your family vacation with our Yule Log Hunt! Somewhere along Woodloch’s 135 acre Pocono landscape lies a special birch log- track down this holiday “Yule Log” [...]

*Adventure and Passions activities may incur a nominal fee. 

Some activities may be weather dependent.  Not all activities and amenities are available during everyone’s stay and are subject to change without notice. 

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