NEW FOR SUMMER 2019: Family, Love and WOODROCK!

~shared by J. Ranner


There’s much more to be said about “the middle of nowhere” than anyone really gives credit for. After all, you can hear yourself think in the quiet. I’ve lived “in the middle of nowhere” most of my life, and I see a blank canvas of what could be.

In 1969, just 25 miles or so down the road from Woodloch, history was made. Just about 500,000 (that’s half a MILLION) people gathered for three days of PEACE and MUSIC. Huge musical acts, including The Who, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Janis Joplin, Santana and Jimi Hendrix took the stage in the Woodstock Music & Art Fair – “An Aquarian Exposition.” Though the concert itself was a huge financial failure (at one point, security gave up trying to stop attendees from jumping fences), it brought people of all different backgrounds together to celebrate the power and love we have for music.

Since Woodloch, too, is all about “togetherness,” we thought we would resurrect the spirit of the original festival 50 years later, through the summer of 2019.

The “WOODROCK” festival will be hosted on Monday evenings this summer starting July 8th. The night will start off at sunset with our traditional summer carnival, where kids and kids at heart will enjoy:

  • Games of skill and chance in a quest to earn golden tickets, redeemable for “groovy” prizes.
  • Crafting on site with plenty of “far out” goods and concert merch to take home to friends.
  • Chowing down on some choice “munchies” from our food stands

The night hits a high note with bands like “Nowhere Slow” and “45 RPM” taking the stage on various nights, as they play all of the classics from 50 years back as well as alternative rock of the revival festival. Summer nights in the middle of nowhere, with great rock tunes and family fun for all? We are hoping to revive the spirit of the festival of long ago and share it with a whole new audience!

This is just one new feature guests can expect during the summer of 2019- a new sci-fi “escape room,” new lake miniature golf course, rebooted classics like Olympics, Scavenger Hunt and Pool Games all lie in wait! With so many new programs- plus the return of so many perennial favorites, the summer of 2019 is sure to… “rock.”