Holiday DeLIGHTS – Illuminating the Season at Woodloch

Clark W. Griswold has always been a spirit animal of sorts to us. That’s why every single holiday, you’ll find our sprawling Nature Trail covered from tree
limb to limb with thousands and thousands of vibrant holiday lights.

Throughout the holiday season, Woodloch is proud to offer our illuminated “Festival of Lights” wagon rides. Family and friends alike are encouraged to bundle up and enjoy a half-hour spirited journey through our Nature Trail featuring beautifully shining lights displays celebrating the spirit of the season’s various holidays, as well as our favorite movies and more!

The buildup leading to our “Festival of Lights” Holiday wagon rides is months in the waiting. The process begins in late summer as bulbs are
tested- blinking, dim or dead bulbs are no good for showtime. “While our trail is getting prepped for our Halloween, new lightboards are being
built and painted by our talented staff, and we review literally hundreds of holiday songs, old and new, for the rides,” says Joey Ranner, Social Director.
“There is about a two week grace period between the Halloween’s conclusion and our first Festival- we simply MOVE to get it all done.” The rides traditionally debut Black Friday.

In addition to your favorite traditional holiday scenes, the team at Woodloch thinks outside the box when designing scenes. We’ve seen fluorescent “under the sea” aquariums, patriotic salutes to America, and your favorite characters from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away all make an appearance.

“It’s a never-rending quest to keep our rides fresh for returning guests. If a response to a ride is ‘we thought it was better last year,’ we consider that a big disappointment on our behalf. Bigger and better is what we always strive for.”

Everything ends BIG with fireworks, hot chocolate and even a visit from St. Nick himself. Of course, the rides are just part of the seasonal fun at
Woodloch. No December Woodloch visit would be complete without joining in our Yule Log Hunt, Gingerbread Wars, Holiday Scavenger Hunt and more.

Woodloch’s “Festival of Lights” run from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.