Green Resort Initiatives

The Delaware Highlands Conservancy

We are proud partners of The Delaware Highlands Conservancy, which works with land owners, local businesses and communities to protect the beautiful lands and pristine waters of the unique Upper Delaware River Region.

The breathtaking quality of our environment in the Pocono Mountains is the inspiration upon which Woodloch is built. We understand, as a business with a large ecological footprint that it is our responsibility to do what we can to promote care for the environment through our example.

We are exceptionally pleased to be a part of the Green Hotel Association and continue to work towards increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our waste production. We are happy to be joining in partnership with our local businesses to care for our natural resources. We have been inspired by the strength and perseverance of many and have joined in humanitarian causes large and small, knowing that every little bit counts.

We humbly ask that our guests contribute $2 from their stay to The Delaware Highlands Conservancy- our guests have raised over $70,000 since inception in 2015.

Bald Eagle Nesting Platforms

They’re American icons- and we invite them to be our “guests!” Our Bald Eagle nesting platform overlooks Lake Teedyuskung and provides rich hunting grounds for these majestic creatures.

Recycling Programs

What’s old becomes new once more! Every year, tens of thousands of pounds of glass, plastic, paper, wood and other materials are collected and repurposed to reduce waste- it’s “the circle of life!”

Tree Replacement

Trees can be so giving- so we try to keep as many in place as we can. When one absolutely needs to come down, we replace them with young saplings and nurture their growth so future generations can enjoy the same beauty of Woodloch as us!

Class Trips and Corporate Awareness

The more you know… the better off we all are. Class trips and corporate retreats arrive in our neck of the woods and go home a little richer in knowledge through various team building activities and special programs and speakers.

Biodegradable Containers

Your “leftovers” shouldn’t have a shelf life of hundreds of years. That’s why Woodloch offers all “to go” items in paper biodegradable containers.

Resource Conservation

Dripping sinks and lights accidentally being left on for days are a thing of the past. Woodloch has made technological strides in water and electrical conservation- infrared sensors throughout the resort reduce unwanted consumption.

Bat Boxes

They’re the heroes that Woodloch needs: bats are Mother Nature’s pesticide. And they do a pretty good job of cutting down on insects around our property. So we think we’ll let them “hang” out for a bit.

Towel and Linen Reuse

Reusing in-room towels and linens during your stay saves detergent, water and electricity- YOU have the power to save!


There has been quite a buzz in the news about dwindling bee populations. They’re survival is essential to our own- that is why The Lodge at Woodloch is doing their part by keeping bees at Blackmoore Farms.

Composting Projects

In 2015, we repurposed 3 tons of food into compost. We look to increase that total to 20 tons of compost this year- if all goes well, it will save $100,000 on waste management. Everybody wins!

Golf Ecosystem Management

The Golf Course at Woodloch Springs practices many green initiatives, including canine bird control (all bark, NO bite), buffering zones to preserve wetlands and registration with The Audubon Sanctuary Program.

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