An Autumn Get Together | Woodloch’s Large Family Reunion Rentals

As we approach yet another new decade, more and more groups are beginning to plan family reunions during the cooler seasons such as autumn and winter. It has become abundantly clear that summer is no longer the only season for a good, old-fashioned, family get together, especially if you’re aiming to gather in the breathtaking Pocono Mountains. Sifting through potential family reunion venues can be a dizzying, strenuous process. There are so many things to consider, including cost, location, activities, and entertainment. Luckily for you, Woodloch Resort’s well-priced large family reunion rentals are less than two hours from New York City. We were recently named the number one family resort in the country by USA Today, thanks in large part to our seemingly endless all-inclusive activities, events, and adventures. Woodloch also has world-class meeting facilities, spectacular catering services, and talented, detailed reunion planners.

Event Space and Group Coordination

Yes, Woodloch Springs is home to several large family reunion rentals near our championship golf course, but you won’t (and shouldn’t) be constricted to your overnight accommodation. We have an entire staff of dedicated specialists that help coordinate fully-customizable family reunions. While Woodloch Resort offers over 30 homegrown activities 365 days a year, we fully understand if your group prefers to stick together in a private setting. We have a wide variety of event spaces located throughout our 135-acre campus—these spaces are often utilized for structured team-building activities. Guests can either cook up a feast for the whole gang or let our talented culinary team treat them like royalty.

Homegrown, Group-Friendly Activities

Large Family Reunion Rentals

No two family reunions are the same. As we mentioned earlier, guests can choose between over 30 homegrown activities on any given day, including staff-led games, contests, and challenges. We’ve grouped together ten of our most popular group activities to provide you with a “taste” of what a long-overdue family reunion could look like here in the Poconos.

  1. Fall Olympics
  2. Scavenger hunt
  3. Bakery wars
  4. Woodloch Feud
  5. Broadway-style theme show
  6. Cooking class
  7. Forest bathing
  8. Indoor splash zone
  9. Cocktail reception
  10. Golf outing

Large Family Reunion Rentals

Large Family Reunion RentalsIn order to become one of the top-rated family reunion resorts in the U.S., you must provide your guests with a diverse array of overnight accommodations. Yes, our 135-acre campus has dozens of hotel-style guest rooms and suites, but don’t forget about Lake Estates, Southwoods, Tallwoods Vacation Rentals, and Woodloch Springs. All of these three-to-six bedroom family reunion vacation rentals can house a large portion of your group under one roof. These spacious modern rentals feature full kitchens, living rooms, awe-inspiring views, comfortable beds, and easy access to a plethora of homegrown activities.

To inquire about a potential Poconos family reunion, please call us today at 800-453-8263 (option #2), or fill out this form.

Header photo courtesy of Danni P Photography!