Festival of Lights in the pocono Mountains

The last of the brilliant autumn foliage fell to the ground weeks ago in the scenic Pocono Mountains, marking the advent of snow and chilly temperatures that will surely follow. What better way to lift your spirits in these days than with some brilliant holiday lights? Family Holidays in the Poconos

If you haven’t ever joined us here at Woodloch during the holiday season, you are missing quite the spectacle. After the last crumb of stuffing leaves the Thanksgiving table, the resort is transformed almost instantaneously overnight into a vibrant display of illumination. With the resort lit up across its 135 acres even the coldest of winter nights seem warmer.


On top of that, Woodloch’s special packages also offer the annual “Festival of Lights,” a magical hayride through our Nature Trail. You will enjoy some holiday music, good times with family, and if you behave yourselves… maybe even get a visit from Santa!

Though our guests may not realize it during their stay, preparations for the holiday light displays begin even before October! Little by little, behind the scenes, our staff spends many countless hours scaling trees, testing bulbs, and rearranging fixtures to ensure that everything looks picture-perfect for the traditional lighting on Black Friday.

So, if you are looking to spend some quality time with family and friends this holiday season, join us in the Pocono Mountains for a little bit of illumination. Our Festival of Lights tours will run through New Year’s, while displays around the resort will be shining through the Russian Christmas. Brighten up your holidays with a visit to Woodloch!