Fast-Paced, Woodloch-Style Poconos Paintball Adventures

In 2012, Woodloch introduced a new, ultra-competitive Poconos paintball adventure to our already colossal list of homegrown activities. Because paintball requires more technology and upkeep in comparison to most on-site activities, contests are not included in our all-inclusive packages. The small fee, much like our ziplining, wine tasting, and fishing adventures, is well worth it regardless of your skill level. While utilizing elements of strategy, communication, and teamwork, kids and adults alike can enhance their hand-eye coordination in a super-fast, safe atmosphere.

Setting the Scene: A Classic Poconos Backdrop

Before we march into our three unique Poconos paintball contests, it’s important to properly set the scene. The warzone is situated along the rim of dense forestry on Woodloch’s upper athletic field. The field itself boasts stacks of aging tires, hefty rounded bales of hay, makeshift wooden barricades, and colorful oil drums. Brightly-colored officials scamper through the area to ensure fair play. All players wear matching camouflage. The only thing that separates the two teams is the colored band wrapped around each player’s left bicep. Let the “Great Battle of Hawley” commence! Can you feel the heat?!?

3 Unique Poconos Paintball Matches

Photo of a Poconos Paintball Party.To ensure that each contest is entirely distinct, Woodloch’s leadership team supervises three types of matches: “Speedball,” “Elimination,” and good, old-fashioned “Capture the Flag.” Elimination, also known as “Survivor,” is all about the last boy or girl standing. By now, you likely know the general spirit of Capture the Flag. As you might imagine, Capture the Flag is the lengthiest of the three match types. Speedball, meanwhile, kicks things up a notch by forcing paintballers to cross over into enemy territory. It’s a cross between the other match types. Our team does its best to match groups based on age or skill level. 

Pocono Mountain Resorts: Fast-Paced Family Fun!

Combine an hour of shriek-inducing Poconos paintball with a blazing trip down our zipline, a puzzling journey through an escape room, and several laps around our twisty go-cart track. Fast-paced family fun is around every corner here along the banks of serene Lake Teedyuskung! Hopefully, your search for “outdoor paintball near me” led you to our 1,200-acre family resort, America’s top-ranked getaway. Unlike most mountain resorts in Pennsylvania, Woodloch is centered on family bonding, classic camp thrills, and world-class hospitality. To learn more about our award-winning slice of the Pocono Mountains, please visit us online. We’re currently offering some of our most outrageous specials ever!

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