Woodloch’s “Welcome to the 90’s”

2019 Theme Show Preview

You’ll like the way we work this… no diggity. 

~ shared by J. Ranner

I don’t have the scientific data to back it up, and of course it’s all a matter of opinion- but for me, there was no better decade than the 1990’s. The music, the movies, the TV, and the fads (slap bracelets and flannel? YUP). I can’t speak for everyone, but I had everything I needed, and nothing that I didn’t. It was a HAPPY time.

Cue Marky Mark and the Funky bunch, because for 2019, Woodloch is bringing “GOOD VIBRATIONS” and heading back to that magical decade with our “Welcome to the 90’s” Theme Show. “It’s hard to believe that the 90’s are almost 20 years past us now,” says Bradley Kiesendahl, Manager of Operations. “We all find  ourselves fondly remembering this time- and if kids weren’t yet born, what a great decade for them to  rediscover through the power of entertainment!”

As with every Woodloch Theme Night, the evening will begin with characters greeting guests as they arrive for dinner, followed by the traditional parade. Then, we head to our Heritage Nightclub as the show is presented by Joey Casella and his troupe of performers-  professional dancers and singers alike! “We’ve got a great show coming your way in 2019,” says Joey. “Be on the lookout for great R&B songs, the rise of country music, a salute to great television shows, a tribute to grunge rock, and of course, a battle of THE BOY BANDS. We look forward to bringing you one of our best shows EVER!”

Catch Woodloch’s Theme Show Wednesday and Saturday nights all year long!