Woodloch Flashes “Back to the 90’s” This Summer!

I know it may be semi-hypocritical of me to say so considering this medium, but in many ways, life was better before the days of high-speed internet.

I was lucky enough to be born in the height of the Reagan Administration and spent my life growing up in the magical decade known as the 1990’s. My lunch box was stocked with Ecto Cooler and Dunkaroos, recess consisted of 4-square tournaments and head to head POG matches, and MTV actually still showed music videos- as well as Daria and Beavis and Butthead. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman led the best Chicago Bulls team ever, while Thursdays were all about “Must See TV” on NBC while ABC held it down weekly with “T.G.I.F.” Life was wonderful.

And if you don’t happen to understand any of these references, it’s alright, we won’t hold it against you. Because this summer, Woodloch is going to be bringing back some of the best parts of the 90’s right back to you! We’ll be flashing back in two awesome ways Wednesdays throughout the summer in two big ways. Our 2019 Summer Lake Games will take us all “Back to the 90’s” and our 2019 Broadway-style Theme Show “Welcome to the 90’s.”

Woodloch has featured summer lake games for over 25 years, taking on a new theme every year- everything from cartoon tributes, salutes to firefighters and police officers, and even “Survivor.” With a wealth of material to work with, we thought it would be cool to partner up our lake games with our show theme for this year!

Games Include:

  • LIVE TETRIS – One of our favorite videogames is supersized and brings the whole family into the mix
  • TW GOLF – The 90’s brought the game of golf back to the masses, so we thought it would be cool to bring some miniature links to our beach
  • MOE’S TAVERN – Visit one of America’s favorite 90’s cartoons for a mug sliding challenge
  • DANCE OFF – Pump up the JAM and bring your best breakdancing moves to the floor
  • MUNCHIES CHALLENGE – Devour some of our favorite 90’s treats against the clock… remember to chew!
  • And more!

“Lake games are always a blast,” says Joey Ranner, Social Director. “When sunshine, our beautiful lakefront, and family and friends come together, you really can’t go wrong.” As with all of Woodloch’s great competitions, families and friends will compete head-to-head in pursuit of gold medals!

But the fun simply doesn’t stop there. As is tradition every Wednesday and Saturday night, Woodloch hosts our Theme Night. The night begins with a cast of your favorite 90’s characters greeting you to dinner (complete with parade and plenty of photo opportunities), dancing in our 700-seat nightclub and culminating with the presentation our 2019 Theme Show, “Welcome to the 90’s.”

The show’s cast, featuring professional dancers and singers, takes the stage in a high-energy musical review of 90’s pop culture. Through various production numbers, the cast takes you on a memorable trip through the decade with:

  • A Salute to Iconic Pop Stars like Mariah Carey, Garth Brooks and Britney Spears
  • Celebrating “Girl Power” with groups like TLC, Destiny’s Child and Salt N Pepa
  • Rocking out through the days of grunge with a Lollapalooza set
  • Reliving 90’s Broadway magic
  • Singing just “one more time” to those 90’s ONE HIT WONDERS
  • And much more!

“It’s hard to believe that the 90’s are almost 20 years past us now,” says Bradley Kiesendahl, Manager of Operations. “We all find ourselves fondly remembering this time- and if kids weren’t yet born, what a great decade for them to rediscover through the power of entertainment!”

Catch our “Back to the 90’s” Lake Games on Wednesdays in July and August, and our “Welcome to the 90’s” Theme Show every Wednesday and Saturday through December.