3 Family Road Trips to Woodloch

Woodloch Resort has become one of the most popular road trips in Pennsylvania for families from across the East Coast primarily because of our all-inclusive vacation packages, which include homegrown activities, daily meals, overnight accommodations, and live entertainment. Because we’re within a two-hour drive from Manhattan and Newark, we’ve also evolved into one of best family-friendly road trips from NYC.

For many families, the drive to and from a destination is an essential aspect of a family vacation! The pit stops, the kitschy landmarks, and the fast food are bonding experiences for families who rarely have the opportunity to get away together. And luckily for you, Woodloch Resort is a manageable drive from some of the Northeast’s largest cities: New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. We’ve compiled a short list of worthwhile road trip pit stops to ensure that your summertime escape to the Pocono Mountains is nothing short of flawless!

New York City

First and foremost, we’re within two hours from much of the New York metropolitan area, which amasses over 20 million residents. Millions of families (regardless of age) plan much-needed, well-deserved vacations every year, but there are only so many all-inclusive options out there, which is where Woodloch Resort comes into the picture. Road trips from NYC are time-saving, scenic, and easy to replicate. Here’s a short list of potential breaks from the highway:


road trips from nyc

Woodloch Resort is approximately 140 miles from Philadelphia, which typically amounts to a three-hour drive (depending on when you leave town). While road trips from NYC are quicker, the journey through Allentown and the Delaware Water Gap into the Pocono Mountains makes for a stunning drive. If you’re looking for memorable East Coast road trips during autumn’s peak, the trek from Philadelphia to Woodloch is tough to beat! Here are five things to do along the way:


Last but certainly not least, Baltimore is a four-hour drive from Woodloch Resort. The drive consists mostly of interstate miles as you’ll cruise through Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, and Scranton. This journey may be longer than from NYC and Philadelphia, but there’s a wide variety of family-friendly stops along the way, including a slight detour to Hershey!

Family-Focused East Coast Road Trips

road trips from nyc

Woodloch, one of the top-reviewed Pocono Mountains resorts, has been welcoming families to its beautiful, secluded slice of natural wilderness for over 60 years. Road trips from NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and beyond have never been more accessible! We offer guests (young, old and in-between) the best things to do in the Poconos, including: water skiing, golf, zip lining, rock climbing, and hiking – all in one place! We fully understand that road trips from NYC take a lot of planning, which is why our meticulously-detailed daily activity sheet outlines everything. To book a well-deserved summertime Poconos getaway, please give us a call today at 1-800-966-3562.