9 Confidence-Building Self-Esteem Activities for Kids

Parenting is hard work, especially for moms and dads with children that are struggling with self-esteem issues. There are no concrete solutions as every child is different, but there are several methods to help your little ones “come out of their shell” this year. Woodloch Resort is a family-run, family-first destination that integrates dozens of self-esteem activities for kids 365 days a year. Our lakeside haven has been helping children flourish and families bond since 1958. Nearly every one of our homegrown activities double as fun games to boost self-esteem. These confidence-building exercises take place in a safe fun environment where kids can earn medals, make friends, and learn new skills.

9 Self-Esteem Activities for Kids at Woodloch

A lot of thought went into compiling Woodloch’s top nine self-esteem building activities. Each of our staff members is friendly, highly-trained, and continuously looking for ways to help kids excel in a variety of ways. And remember, in most cases, we strongly encourage all parents to participate alongside their children during these organized activities.

  1. Get Creative: There are several ways for kids to test their creativity here in Hawley, PA, including jewelry-making, painting classes, and playing around with clay. We’re consistently surprised at how magnificently artistic kiddos can be, especially with a healthy dose of encouragement from adults and fellow children.
  2. Win a Medal: Every day, we offer nearly 30 activities for kids, many of which allot medals to winners. These games encourage teamwork, diligence, and innovation.
  3. Self-Esteem Activities for KidsStep Outside of Your Comfort Zone: Your little ones (or teenagers) can partake in a wide variety of character-building activities that are a tad bit outside of their comfort zone. Activities such as rock climbing, bumper cars, and Double Dare are splendid ways for kids to conquer fears and discover another side of themselves.
  4. Solve a Riddle: Join a scavenger hunt, enter an escape room, or play Woodloch Feud the next time that you’re on campus. These fun, self-esteem boosting, group activities encourage kids to think outside the box, use their intuition, and showcase their skill sets whether they win or lose.
  5. Teamwork: Nearly every one of our confidence-building activities promotes teamwork, which in turn encourages children to interact with others. Naturally, children grow bonds, push each other, and focus on their strengths.
  6. Meet New Friends: It’s tough saying goodbye to a new friend, which is why we always motivate kids to stay in touch with one another. The easiest way to stay in touch is by becoming penpals. Children aren’t drafting hand-written letters nowadays, but exchanging numbers and finding each other on Instagram is just as effective.
  7. Self-Esteem Activities for KidsLearn a New Skill: It’s nearly impossible to leave Woodloch Resort without learning a new skill as we offer dozens of self-esteem boosting activities for kids, including trapshooting, ice skating, cooking classes, archery, water skiing, and so many more!
  8. Meet a New Furry Friend: If your child is having difficulties connecting with other kids, perhaps a visit to our petting zoo will enliven their spirits. After all, bonding with other children is much easier if they’re both petting an adorable animal.
  9. Children’s Parties: A lot of families visit us during a holiday season, whether that’s Halloween, Christmas, or Easter. While we always craft several character-building games around each holiday, sometimes a good old-fashioned themed party is the best way to let your child gain self-confidence.

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To learn more about our countless self-esteem boosting activities for kids, please give us a call today at 800-966-3562. We’d love to tell you more about our many activities, all-inclusive meal plans, and lakeview guest rooms. And we can handle just about any special request. USA Today recently named us as the number one family resort in the United States, so you know that your kiddos are in good hands!