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Woodloch & Covid19

Resort Responsibly: Together we can stop the spread.

Woodloch & Covid19

Resort Responsibly: Together we can stop the spread.

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Expect a safe stay and tons of family fun at Woodloch!

As the governmental restrictions from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania change, here’s a snapshot of what you can come to expect from your next experience at Woodloch. Your vacation is safe with us!

Before you arrive:
  • We’ll send you a pre-arrival email highlighting the best of our activities you’ll experience during your stay!
  • We’ll give you a reminder of our safety protocols.
  • All guests are required to complete our Health and Safety Acknowledgement.
  • Download the Woodloch App before you arrive.
    • IMPORTANT: This is your gateway to events and activity registration.
    • You’ll need to register for some of our more popular activities and events before you can be permitted access due to governmental distancing requirements.
  • Masking:
    • You must wear a mask in all indoor public spaces and outdoors when a social distance of a minimum of 6 feet cannot be achieved.
When you get here:
  • You’ll pull right in to our Welcome Center where you’ll have a temperature check, health questionnaire, and be given check-in guidance
  • What we’re doing for sanitization:
    • Newly installed advanced processes to purify indoor air
    • Heightened cleaning in high-touch point areas
    • Adherence to the SAFE STAY program
    • SEE “Woodloch Wellness” tab for more
  • Your choice of indoor service or to-go dining options
Safe during your stay:
  • Woodloch has reduced its overall capacity by more than 50%
  • Indoor dining areas available at 50% capacity, to-go options also available
  • Indoor activities and entertainment also limited to 50% of room occupancy
  • Single family activities available for your convenience
  • Events and games will require pre-registration on the Woodloch app to allow participation
  • There will be no daily in-room housekeeping
    • For essential services and maintenance issues, please contact the front desk to schedule a convenient time for servicing
  • Our additional, nominal fee activities will also require pre-registration through the Woodloch app and will be limited to your traveling party
    • Activities such as: shooting barn, escape room, virtual room, and more…

Our Promise to You

  • All of us here at Woodloch promise to keep the safety of our guests, staff, and community clearly in focus at all times while maintaining a fun and value-packed vacation experience. Through this, we promise to continue to provide our genuine warmth and signature brand of hospitality to each and every Woodloch experience.

We promise to:

    • Maintain aggressive cleaning protocols throughout the facility by cleaning and sanitizing
    • Administer health assessments to all staff prior to their shift starting
    • Adhere to social distancing guidelines established for our facility
    • Provide readily available hand sanitizer or hand washing stations
    • Train all our employees on the necessary measures that ensure the safety of our guests and staff
    • Use masks and personal protective equipment, where and when practical to do so
    • Provide as much of the Woodloch experience and modify what we must to ensure the Woodloch magic
    • Be here for you. If you need anything at all, we’re here to assist in making your experience the best that it can be

Your Promise to Us

  • We’re all in this together, we ask that in reciprocation you make a promise to us; that you will follow our guidance and general knowledge while enjoying our facility so we can all be healthy and happy together.

We ask that you promise to:

    • Practice good hygiene
    • Please wear your mask when in public spaces at Woodloch
    • Be conscientious of those around you, follow social distancing guidelines and respect the experience of others
    • Be patient and kind through this journey; a little understanding and hospitality on both sides will go a long way
    • Not lose sight of what’s most important, enjoy your time with us and reconnecting with your family
    • If you have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have been recently exposed, we ask that you postpone your trip; we’ll be here when you’re healthy and ready to play

The Woodloch Wellness Standard & Housekeeping

The Woodloch Wellness Standard is a symbol of the quality and care that goes into the Woodloch experience. It ensures that along with safety and cleanliness, we promise to continue to provide our genuine warmth and very special brand of hospitality to each and every guest experience.

  • We have created a full-time safety department to oversee guest and staff safety, whose primary focus will be infection control and prevention
  • Public areas and high public touch points indoors and out will be vigorously and regularly sanitized
  • We will seek to invest in technology that will allow us to minimize the necessary amount of contact between guests and staff
  • We have bonded with our industry and are signees and followers of
  • We will meet or exceed all Pennsylvania and CDC cleaning and disinfecting guidelines for public space as well as guest accommodations

In Room Experience:

  • Rooms will be certified clean by our Housekeeping Safety Inspectors
  • There will be no daily in-room housekeeping
    • For essential services and maintenance issues, please contact the front desk to schedule a convenient time for servicing
  • You will have the option of a contactless exchange of room amenities, linens, and sundries that are typically provided in rooms
    • Many optional items, including extra pillows, decorative blankets, etc… will be removed from guest rooms to reduce the risk of contamination
    • You will be asked to leave your trash and linens in the hallway for proper disposal
  • Woodloch maintains a staff of emergency medical technicians on our property with acute care for minor injuries and illness available 24 hours a day
  • Woodloch will continue to be a positive force in the local community and will actively seek out opportunities to give back to healthcare workers, essential workers, first responders and others affected in our community

The amenities at Woodloch are an integral element to a Woodloch stay. While the experiences of most of our amenities are individualistic in nature, some of the equipment is shared, here’s what you can expect:


  • The indoor pools at Woodloch are currently open! The indoor pools, splash zone, water slide, hot tubs, and locker rooms will be open with capacity restrictions in place to comply with governmental guidance.
  • You can check the real-time occupancy of the pool at any time through the Woodloch App!

General Amenities

  • Some amenities will require pre-registration, which can be done through the Woodloch App.
  • Some amenities and equipment may need to be signed out, our amenities desk located at the Skate Shop and Beach will be able to assist.
  • Here’s what will be available:
    • Archery*
    • Escape Rooms*,**
    • Virtual Reality Rooms*, **
    • All-season Skating Rink*,**
    • Go Carts and Kiddie Carts* conditions permitting
    • Paintball Range Shooting Range*
    • Bocce Ball
    • Mini Golf
    • Playgrounds (including our NEW -HUGE- Lakeside Playground!)
    • Rock wall*, conditions permitting
    • Shooting Barn**
    • Playgrounds
    • Shuffleboard
    • Trap Shoot
    • Bumper Cars*
      • *reservation recommended, some amenities may have capacity modifications
      • **these items may require a nominal fee
  • Backyard Games (Available to reserve per hour. Included in your stay.)
    • Bag-O
    • Kan Jam
    • Hook & Ladder
    • Basketballs, Volleyballs, Wiffleball, Kickballs
    • Horse Shoes
    • Frisbee
    • Spike Ball

Hiking and Nature Trails

Woodloch’s 1,500 acres provides ample green space for our guests to enjoy the expansive and fresh outdoors. We have 3 on property walking trails.

  • The Woodloch Nature Trail: A 1-mile paved loop in the heart of the property. This is a beginner trail.
  • The Tower Hiking Trail: A 3-mile natural trail that begins at the end of the Woodloch Nature Trail. This is a beginner to moderate trail that is mostly flat.
  • The Springs Trail: Beginning from The Market at Woodloch, this 5-mile hiking trail blazes through the deep Woods of NEPA. This is a moderate trail with varying inclines and descents.
  • Snowshoes are available to rent at our Skating Rink complex

Events, Games, and Entertainment

One of the elements of what makes the Woodloch experience so special are our group events. Woodloch owns the playbook on fun, but we’ll need to make some adjustments. Download the Woodloch App to learn more and sign up for the games you want to play!

(In-room/Outdoor) /

  • Cupcake Wars* /
    • The Cupcake Kit will be your ticket to build your masterpiece. Entry submissions will take place on social media and hand in your completed kit and judging will be broadcast on our in-room TVs!
  • Winter Olympics*
    • 6 brand new active events that the whole family can participate in! You and your party will race against the clock.
  • Scavenger Hunt* /
    • Your party will be on its own in this property-wide search. You’ll be given a scavenger hunt kit to get started and within your time frame you’ll need to complete the kit and return to base. Good luck racers!
  • Family Game Contests
    • Earn Woodloch medals in curling, bowling, bag-o, and more.
  • Kids’ Club Program
    • Program for children up to 10 divided into Cubs: aged 6 and under; and Scouts: aged 7-10. Featuring arts and crafts, modified sports competitions, story time, and more.
  • Hot Shot Sports*
    • Gym style games, most points win and/or a race against the clock
  • Trivia Competitions /
    • Cash Cab, Jeopardy, Name That Tune, Smarter Than a 5th Grader, That’s Entertainment, You Think You Know Music, and more
  • *Reservations recommended for these events

Dining Experience

Indoor dining is available in all dining rooms at 50% capacity seating, and we also have all our meal options available to-go for your convenience if you prefer.

  • American meal-plan guests can view TODAY’S MENU here.
  • Take-out dining and catering options are available!
  • Woodloch offers a wide array of a la carte, quick-bite, and beverage options for you to enjoy across our campus:
    • The Country Store at The Inn
    • NEW – Freshly made pizza from the Inn
    • Gigis Coffee House
    • The Market at Woodloch

You can view all menus and options HERE or by downloading the Woodloch App.

Our Staff

The personalities at Woodloch are what make Woodloch, Woodloch. Those of you who have stayed with us know that we like to shake hands, and we give hugs. Some of that familiarity will have to happen at a distance. The health, safety and well-being of our Woodloch family is our utmost priority. Here’s what you can expect for our team:

  • Approved PPE will be given to all staff members
  • All staff members will be required to wear masks while on property, indoors and out.
  • Staff will have a wellness assessment and be required to have their temperature taken upon arrival to work each shift. A temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will result in the staff member returning home.
  • Staff members are instructed to remain home and seek consultation with their primary care physician if they experience any potential symptoms of Covid-19 or any illness for that matter.
  • Contact tracing measures have been implemented in the event of exposure
  • The safety department will conduct all-staff meetings on a regular basis to discuss symptom recognition, cleaning and sanitizing procedures, proper hand and personal hygiene as well as protocol change guidance.
  • All food and beverage employees will follow Serv-Safe guidelines.
  • All departments will perform area sanitizing at the conclusion of each shift that are then recorded in cleaning logs.
  • We will conduct transparent and open communication between management and staff about changes as they occur.

It is important to note that our guests and community members must fully comply with recommended measures in order to ensure the highest standards of safety. To make this all work, we depend on the reciprocity of our patrons to wear a mask, wash their hands, social distance, stay home when they are not well, and respect our policies.

Our Cancellation Policy

Your vacation is safe with us. We understand in these uncertain times that we all need to be a little flexible and creative. We know you’ve been planning your Woodloch getaway and we both don’t want you to lose that joy, so we’re here to work with you. In light of recent events surrounding COVID19, we have amended our cancellation policy for stays through December 31st, 2021.

  • Your deposit is refundable upon receipt of cancellation fourteen (14) days prior to your arrival date, less a $25 administrative fee. If your cancellation is received less than fourteen days in advance, we will hold your deposit for a future reservation, which must be made within two years. Cancellation with less than five (5) days notice will result in forfeiture of deposit. In the event of a no-show, late arrival, or early departure you are responsible for the full value of the stay.
  • If you have any questions relative to this policy please call our reservations department at 1.800.966.3562 option 1, option 1.
American Hotel and Lodging Association: Safe Stay
Pocono Promise
CDC Guidelines

What’s Next?

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