6 Reasons Why Vacations Are Important, Especially for Families

We’re nearing “the end” of summer as the new school year is approximately four weeks away for most youngsters. So, there’s no better time than right now to book a spontaneous, last-minute trip to Woodloch Resort, one of premier extended weekend getaways in PA. Treat the whole family to a well-deserved, much-needed escape to the lush Pocono Mountains before the kids become too busy with homework, extracurricular activities, and sports. Each day here in Hawley, PA, regardless of the season, is filled with over 30 homegrown activities, ranging from pool games to go-carts. Many families, however, don’t set aside enough time to embark on an extended getaway, which is unfortunate because there are dozens of benefits of taking a vacation. In fact, we’ve compiled six essential reasons why vacations are important, especially for families.

The Top 6 Reasons Why Vacations Are Important

As a family-first resort, we see all six of these reasons come to fruition on a daily basis. Narrowing the list down to only six reasons why vacations are important was challenging, but we’re happy with the end result.

  1. Foster family bonding – Even if you gather nightly around the dinner table or television, you don’t quite obtain that spontaneous, adventurous aspect unique to a vacation. Exploring, learning, and stepping outside your comfort zone together is a splendid feeling, especially for parents aching for some good, old-fashioned, family bonding.
  2. Try new things – One of the main reasons why vacations are important is the ability to grow as a family unit, which frequently coincides with trying new things. Luckily for you and your family, Woodloch Resort is home to a wide array of special activities, such as archery, climbing, and, of course, the Summer Olympics.
  3. Health benefits – Many health organizations, such as Aurora, Allina, and Harvard, all agree that vacations improve physiological and physical health, especially for your heart. Instead of banking dozens of vacation days (and perhaps losing them altogether), try to treat the family to five or so mini getaways per year!
  4. Active learning possibilities – Traveling to new places inevitably leads to dozens of new learning possibilities for children. Learning about the area’s culture, history, cuisine, and wildlife is all part of the fun.
  5. why vacations are importantImprove social skills – If you’re a parent, you know that every child has different social skills. Woodloch Resort’s lakeside community is the perfect environment to watch your kids thrive amongst hundreds of other children from all walks of life. Watching your kids blossom in a safe and exciting environment is one of our favorite reasons why vacations are important.
  6. Act like a kid again – Admit it; you miss the glory days on the playground, ball field, or lake when you didn’t have a worry in the world, and your whole life was ahead of you. By partaking in kid-friendly activities, such as bumper cars, miniature golf, and scavenger hunts, you can remind yourself just how much fun it is to be a kid.

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There are perhaps a hundred different reasons why vacation is important, but, hopefully, this short list serves as a reminder that your time is valuable. Our passion for world-class hospitality and unparalleled fun has been helping families bond since we opened our doors over 60 years ago. To learn more about our four-season resort, please visit us online, or give us a call today at 800-966-3562.