Giddy-Up! Horseback Riding in the Poconos

We’re not the least bit shy to let the world know that we’re proud Pennsylvanians. After all, Pennsylvania is the birthplace of “The Great American Chocolate Bar” as well as the greatest quarterback in NFL history. On top of that, we cannot speak highly enough of the state’s natural beauty. Clean lakes, bubbling streams, lush forests, and even open fields provide an excellent landscape for almost every outdoor activity imaginable . . . including horseback riding. While horseback riding in the Poconos isn’t quite as popular as hiking, fishing, and skiing, nothing surpasses a scenic, two-hour tour atop a majestic, well-trained horse.

Once Upon a Time: Pocono Horse Riding at Woodloch

Many moons ago, Woodloch Resort actually offered horseback riding in the Poconos right here on our expansive, 300-acre property. The horses were leased for the summer season and boarded right on campus. One of Woodloch’s owners, Steve Kiesendahl, who was just a young whipper-snapper at the time, taught our guests how to ride and led them all around the property on his pet horse, “Trigger.” Many great times were had, but the riding ended when Woodloch started to expand rapidly. Naturally, guests have inquired about the prospects of riding once again amidst the region’s sprawling mountain range.

Horseback Riding in the PoconosHorseback Riding in the Poconos: A Special Experience

Our all-inclusive packages include an overnight accommodations, family-style dining, nightly live entertainment, and, of course, over 30 homegrown activities. But that shouldn’t deter you from taking a detour to Triple W Riding Stable before or after your stay for some of the most breathtaking horseback riding in the Poconos so that you can explore the glorious Pocono Mountains atop a beautiful horse this winter.

Horse Stables near Me: Triple W Riding Stable

The folks at Triple W Riding Stable have been guiding travelers and animal lovers through the serene Pocono Mountains for decades. With so much experience under their belts, they now offer three different types of tours that vary in length and location. Guided trips through dense forestry, wide-open hillsides, and secluded waterways range from one to two hours long. Although horseback riding in PA is strictly geared for ages seven and up, Triple W offers pony rides for little cowboys and girls. The accessibility from the resort makes it easy to include a stop at Triple W during your vacation, regardless of the season. So fasten your chaps, lace-up your boots, and be ready to explore the wild of Pennsylvania, the old-fashioned way! Of course, when you’re not on horseback in the Poconos, we recommend spending as much time as possible right here at our historic family resort.

Horseback Riding in the PoconosWoodloch’s Petting Zoo and Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

If you were to search online for “riding stables near me” during your next visit to the top-rated family resort in the U.S., you’d likely stumble upon Triple W. But don’t forget that we also provide a petting zoo and horse-drawn carriage rides right here at Woodloch Resort. To learn more about horseback trail riding in PA or our countless on-site amenities, please give us a call today at 1-800-966-3562.