Snowshoeing in the Poconos: Serenity, Beauty, and Exercise

As the much-anticipated holiday season rapidly approaches, the Woodloch Family gears up for yet another exhilarating, snow-filled winter. Woodloch Resort is widely known for its thrilling snow tubing, inexpensive ski packages, and year-round forest bathing. But don’t forget about the oft-forgotten art of snowshoeing. Most visitors describe Woodloch Resort’s 300 acres of dense Pocono Mountain forestry as a “winter wonderland,” primarily because of this area’s towering, snow-covered trees, curious woodland critters, and utter serenity. And one of our favorite ways to explore this acreage is via snowshoe. Snowshoes have come a long way from their primitive ash and rawhide origins. Nowadays, most shoes are made of metal, plastic, and synthetic fabric. But, the fact remains that snowshoeing in the Poconos is still an ethereal experience for many—even youngsters!

Finding a Snowshoe Rental “near Me”

Snowshoeing in the Poconos, Snowshoe Rental near Me

Locating a snowshoe rental “near me” in the Pocono Mountains is a tall task as the region tends to be more rural. Luckily for you and your family, Woodloch Resort proudly offers snowshoeing in the Poconos for a small fee. These rentals don’t cost an arm and a leg like other outfitters in the areas surrounding Hawley, PA. With over 300 acres to explore, you won’t stumble across a more scenic and secluded snowshoe destination during your travels.

Afternoon Bliss: Snowshoeing in the Poconos

The good news: you won’t have to search for a “snowshoe rental near me” this winter. The better news: Woodloch Resort’s acreage is private, peaceful, and undeniably picturesque. Pack a light picnic, strap on your snowshoes, and venture into the wilderness with nothing but a dash of curiosity, a waterproof camera, and a campus map. Lake Teedyuskung itself spans nearly 80 acres, and a lot of adventurers prefer to explore the shoreline before tramping into the dense wilderness. We always recommend “strapping in” when a bit of snow is in the forecast as nothing tops a mid-day trek under bright, swaying snowflakes, especially when the wind is calm. A lot of kiddos return rosy-cheeked and grinning from ear-to-ear with stories of spotted foxes, raccoons, and squirrels.

The Top-Rated Family Resort in the U.S.

Woodloch Resort was recently named America’s premier family resort by USA Today, an award that wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of hundreds of staff members as well as our enthusiastic guests. After an afternoon filled with snow tubing, ice skating, and snowshoeing in the Poconos, return indoors for a family-style meal, live entertainment, and a cozy slumber. To inquire about a mid-winter Poconos snowshoeing excursion, please give us a call today at 1-800-966-3562. Otherwise, feel free to browse through our many on-site amenities and activities, such as self esteem-building recreation, family reunion rentals, and countless dining options.